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M35 - open clusters deserve some love redux?


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I've been away for a while.  A new job and some other things meant that life got in the way...  But over Christmas I stripped down and re-greased my mount and set everything up again.  I captured some data on M35 to shake the mount down more than anything else but also because I want eventually to capture the whole Messier catalogue and I haven't really imaged any of the open or globular clusters in the catalogue.

Anyway, this is about 5 hours worth in 300s LRGB subs.

Scope: Tak FSQ85

Mount: CEM60EC

Camera Atik 460ex

Guiding: Atik OAG, QHY5L II, PHD2


M35 LRGB 1000x800px.png

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I've done a slight tweak of this to make the background darker...  I like to leave the sky quite grey but I think it was a bit too light in the first rendition - as I say I am still relearning processing!  I've darkened the background and I think it makes the stars pop a bit more.

Have I gone too far now?

M35 LRGB 1200px v2.png

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Great to see you back 'in the saddle' again Ian, and a with a lovely rendition of M35 as well. I've always found these LRGB open clusters to be very tricky to process, so I steer clear of them, but you've done a really nice job. Your aim to image the whole Messier catalogue is a very ambitious one, but would be a wonderful achievement - good luck!


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Thanks both.

Yes Martin, I think getting them all will be a life's work!  I can't see myself ever coming back to this one as there isn't too much going on but it's another one crossed off of the list!


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