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Walking on the Moon

Mystery crater


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Hi. Dave. That large baby looks like Grimaldi to me. Did you take the pcture last night ?

Ron. :help:

Grimaldi :mrgreen: One large step for me i must say hehe.

Na i took it a few nights ago.. was :D last night :crybaby:

I couldn't stop my hands shaking so the image looks terrible lol.. i need to get one of thoes brackets you can buy to hold the camera.

I really want to get into astrophotogoraphy!

When i get the bracket and take some decent pictures i'll post em :lol:

Thanks Ron :laugh:

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Well, don't thank me too soon Dave. :D I could be wrong. There are some Lunar experts on SGL who will verify it one way or the other.

The moon is a wonderful subject for imaging. No doubt you have seen some of the great pictures produced in the lunar imaging section. A lot of them were taken using the same method as you, ie, hand held to the eyepiece. Some were via Camera Phones too. Great results. I would recommend you kit yourself with the proper attachment's though, it will make it easier for you to focus, (very critical for Good results), and frame the image. After that, it is just plenty of practice.

One good thing about a digital camera, if you don't like the image, you do it again, no film to buy. :help:

You will soon be producing super images.

Good Luck.

Ron. :lol:

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Just out on interest are these brackets any good??


Yes, those are used by imagers to attach the camera to the scope. Get the camera lens as near to the telescope eyepiece as you can, then focus to get the sharpest image you can, then take a shot and Inspect it for focus. If it looks good, then keep it. If it looks out of focus, try again, after changing focus slightly, but noting which way you alter the focuser, a little bit at a time, in or out.

Once you have it spot on, you can mark the setup so that you can repeat it at another time. With the afocal setup, the focus you get in the viewfinder, may not be indicative of the true focus. I don't know if anyone has done a primer for this type of imaging. It might be worth having a look Dave.


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I think i might get one then.. when i get another job that is :help: thanks for the info mate. When i get one and have a little trial and error i'll do a "what works best" and post it :D

I got the go-ahead from the other half to build an obsy in the garden YAY! think i am gonna make it out if a shead or something lol.. attach hinges on each side of the roof maybe.

Gonna be a great project.

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I have one of those brackets that I never use, would probably let it go cheapish :D just PM if you fancy, Its still boxed, bought from David Hinds earlier this year.

Must warn you though, astro photography is devilishly addictive, and its an expensive and consuming habit, and if its cloudy for a while and you cant get a fix.................... :help:


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Dave, if you'd gone just a touch further north on the limb tonight, you'd have captured Grimaldi again. :help: See the double crater indicated by the red line? That's Sirsalis and Sirsalis A.

Oh btw, I cropped, resized and combined your images.. but you probably already noticed that. :D:lol:

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Thanks guys, i used a differant (cheaper) digital cam for these.. dont know why but it worked a hell of a lot better :D

Oh no just missed it, would have been good to get Grimaldi again.. I'll have another go tonight and see if i can get it :help:

I tried to capture the M42 cuz that was out from about 10ish, but the camera coudn't pick it up :crybaby: any hints?




Thanks for the feedback, Astrophotography is awsome... kinda addictive, cant wait for tonight hehe.

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