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How do they know?


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I went outside at about 3am (ish) this morning and the sky was beautifully clear. So, I went inside and got a coat and my scope and then headed back out. In the time it took me to do that, the sky completely clouded over! Where the hell were the clouds hiding and how the hell did they know I was getting my scope out? :help:

Still, I did manage to observe Saturn and its rings for the first time in the few clear patches of sky that raced past! :D Finally went back inside to bed about 5am feeling well chuffed!

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I have often seen a brilliant day, turn into a brilliant evening, and didn't need to drag a scope out. It was in a domed obsy. and all I had to do, was slide the shutter back over the dome. It was a quiet operation too.

From going out, to fully open, took about 5 minutes. Sure as eggs is eggs, Bl***y whiteout. Unbelievable!.

I don't know I was never struck by lightning or summat, the cursing at full volume, and storming back indoors.

I heard you, she'd say. Cloudy is it? :crybaby:

I think I'm better at controlling my anger nowadays. Can't afford blood pressure rises anyway. :D


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They do have a sixth-sense for coming out as soon as the scopes come out... don't they?

I also think its directly proportional to the amount of time and complexity required to setup the scope.... Back in the old days, dragging my 10" LX200R out each night, I could guarentee that most nights by the time I was ready to find the 2nd alignment star, that would be it....

Nowadays, the obs pretty much sorts things out! Although theres a new problem.... now where has that guidestar gone?? normally takes about 10 minutes before I actually think of looking up :D

Of course, the other thing guarenteed to screw it all up is Mr Moon - when he's around, you just know its gonna be clear :help:

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I had that problem a few weeks back, went outside and it was mega clear, went inside, got wrapped up, got my scope stuff ready, went out side..........cloud!

On a happier note its clear tonight but thats now, so it may get cloudier, anyway I shall see what happens...as long as the moon doesn't rear itself up grrrr!

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I hate it when this happens. I did the same a few months back - went out - perfectly clear, got the scope out - set it up - went inside for a while to let it cool down - and when I went back out - CLOUD as far as the eye could see. :hello2:

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