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Pillars of Creation

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I’m trying to find indication (shareable evidence) of when the first telescopic photo of the Pillars Of Creation was produced.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Well i believe Hubbles iconic image taken in 1995 was the first to capture the Pillars of creation in any detail. There were undoubtedly images of the Eagle Nebula before that but the Pillars of Creation were not a target of any specific significance until Hubbles image.

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    • By stevebb
      Bit of a longshot, does anyone have a Primaluce Eagle 3 + cables going for sale. I am toying between this option or an Intel NUC/Pegasus Pocket Powerbox to automate my observatory.

      Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year.

      MIG Observatory
    • By glowingturnip
      Here's my last one from my summer crop - it actually turned into a year-long project, I took the Ha in August 2017, the OIII in July this year and the SII in August.


      10 each x900s Ha, OIII and SII, darks flats and bias, equipment as per sig, taken in southern Spain, PI processing.
      Just for fun, here's a side-by-side comparison of my Pillars of Creation vs Nasa's, can you guess which is which ?  

      Ok, not much of a contest really, but then their telescope is a bit more expensive than mine is !  Quite interesting to have a close look though, there are a number of features in common that I have managed to pick up that aren't apparent at first glance.
      I'd be happy to receive feedback on what you think, feel free to be honest since I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, especially the colours.  Comments and cc welcome.
      Hope you enjoy,
      [edited to fix Flickr link}
    • By coatesg
      Managed a bit of further processing on data captured on holiday - this field of view is something I would really struggle with at home (it's 9 degrees lower, and doesn't rise above my roof from my garden!) - a widefield of the Eagle (M16), Swan/Omega (M17) and M18, as well as a lot of HII in the surrounding areas. The HA filter helped a lot in cutting through the atmosphere - it's not fantastically high from the site we were at, and I still had to have a couple of nights at it dodging the trees.
      QHY163M + Canon 200mm f2.8L (@f3.85) + Baader 7nm HA filter, mounted on a Losmandy GM8.
      Exposure 2h50m in 5min subs. Binned a few subs as they were of poor quality. 
      Processing in PI. Thanks for looking
      At 50% resolution:

      Partially annotated version (lots of unmarked catalogues not shown, and not sure why Sh2-47 is marked away from the actual object! :

    • By alexbb
      This came as a bonus target, I didn't really plan to shoot it, but I took the opportunity to grab some frames before astrodark or with the DSLR or waiting for other targets
      So this is a mix of everything:
      10x2min Ha with the ASI1600 and 130PDS on the AZ-EQ5.
      11x3min Ha with the ASI1600 and Esprit80 on the AZ-EQ5.
      19x5min Ha with the ASI1600 and Esprit80, 11 on the AZ-EQ5, 8 on the EQ6-R.
      15x5min Oiii with the ASI1600 and Esprit80 on the AZ-EQ5.
      74x90s with the DSLR and 130PDS on the AZ-EQ5.
      For a total of 5:34h.
      Crop of RGB, HOO and HOO-RGB.
      Which are your thoughts before I call it the final version?
      Clear skies!

      Edit, final:

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