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Lets hear it for moths

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This theory, more of a fact now, has been going for a while now. Does anybody listen?!

Light pollution is like other forms of pollution, the result of many factors such as ignorance, selfishness, indifference, and greed.  Somebody I know is obsessed with green energy and air pollution, yet she won't care leaving every light in her house on, even when she's not there. Half the story or simply misguided idealism and hypocrisy?

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do not worry over things you cannot control its pointless ? now darn clouds are a different story ?... charl.

sorry i must be sleep posting again?.

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Want to catch moths? just turn on a light. We know this but so do other denizens of the dark. Bats, for instance, know that there is a veritable smorgasbord of food around lights. And not just bats; if you live in the tropics you will get geko's clustering around lights just waiting for their food fly into their open mouths; I know, I have watched them.

Another interesting phenomenon is that certain moths can detect the bat's sonic emissions and head for cover if they detect bats nearby. Strangely this defence mechanism is rendered U/S when the moths are near bright lights enabling the bats to catch them when normally they cannot.

All of this changes the balance of nature and usually in unforeseen ways.


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