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Free Kindle Astronomy book

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Yes a good find, I have been dipping in and out of it, easy to read and some very good illustrations.

From OpenStax and a PDF is available if you don't want an ibook/kindle also the opportunity to read online. 

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Interesting indeed, unfortunately for me, buying more reading material, or even getting Astro. related  freebies
would be a waste. I have so many books relating to Astro Photography, it almost can be classed a Mini Library in my Den.
The horrible truth is, I have read little from  these  goldmines of practical knowledge, I was almost afraid to admit
to this membership the shame I bear for this neglect. 
Perhaps this confession will waken me up to the need to avail myself of the Information I must absorb, in order to kick off my
Imaging career, If I have the Gall to call it that. Nevertheless now the truth is out there,
and I must redeem myself by abandoning stuff that I do, that is getting me nowhere big style.
I have all the Equipment needed, the Software, the Observatory,  and also the latent desire to make a fist of it.
This tale of woe goes back a long way, as many folks on this forum can attest to, but I determine to correct
my failings, and get on with it.
This probably deviates a bit from the OP's topic, and I apologise for that, but I'm sure Gaz. will understand :D.


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Thank you all for the good books, but there is another question, would you rather read a traditional book or an electronic book. Although kindle is like a king of e-books, I found a lot of alternatives like Nook Glowlight, In couldn't realize what are the differences between them so I found a site that is based on the rivaliy of nook vs kindle. I have read a lot of information about these e-books and it helped me a lot to choose a perfect e-book for me. I have read a lot of reviews and watched the ratings, also it gave me all the technical information about these two e-books.

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On 18/01/2019 at 17:55, GazOC said:



Not had a chance to look at it properly other than to check that it is what is says it is but looks promising 

Thank you, I’ve had a quick thumb though it, as it were, and it really is very good, it has some beautiful photographs and excellent diagrams. I have happily parted with sums of £10 or more for similar paperbacks.
it gets a 👍 from me!

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I thought 'oh, that looks interesting' and went off to Amazon to order it only to find I'd bought it in January 2019 when this was first posted. 🤣   My plan was to have it to read whilst I was in hospital but I didn't read it then and never looked at it since.

So, a timely reminder.  Must get the kindle charged and take a look.

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