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Cloudy Skies every night

phil bod

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You have practically same view as myself and I am also fed up of it. Came home from work tonight (5 ish) and crystal clear skies so big rush to get set up. Had some good viewing for an hour or two but very hazy now not good viewing at all now.

Where are those long nights with clear skies gone ? .


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Last night in Bishops Stortford ...we had clear skies ... i was delighted until i saw the moon ... completely washing out my viewing area :( 

Hopefully though we should be in for some nice frosty weather soon , although as i write this there is even more cloud zzz

It is all a bit depressing , especially as at this time of year we have a great opportunities to use our scopes more (supposedly ). Also i've had more than one occasion when ive spent ages setting up the equipment only for a blanket of cloud to completely ruin my experience ... oh well ... it just makes it all the more special when we do actually get clear skies .

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It is now over 4 weeks since I received my telescope. There have been two nights when stars were visible.

The first night I discovered the collimation was so bad it was impossible to see anything.

The second night it was far too windy to use a telescope.

The forecast for the next few days is not good.?

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