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Smartphone imaging with Coronado PST


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I recently acquired a PST and had my first light today...it took a bit of work but I was able to see some great stuff through the EP. However, when I tried to hook up my smartphone to the scope with a phone adaptor I was completely unsuccessful in capturing any good photos. Everything looked way out of focus and I couldn't come close to seeing any of the prominences on the phone that I saw visually. Is this due to the PST's setup? Or am I doing something wrong? I was attempting to do it with an 8mm EP. 

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If you can see it in the eyepiece, you can generally capture it with a smartphone, but I have found Ha smartphone imaging pretty tricky too. Shielding the phone from glare and reflections helps, as does using an ap that allows you you control exposure and focus manually. I'm not sure I tried with my PST, but had good success with a Quark in various scopes. I'll post up a couple of results so you can see what is possible.

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