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DSOs with my telephoto lens

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Hi everybody,

My school starts in 2 days so i don't think i will have as much  time for astrophotography,as i had on holidays.

I improved my processing and bought myself  tracker(skywatcher SA) and 300mm f4.5 old russian telephoto lens 3 months ago,and i was very happy how my images turned out,but still think i could improve them somehow.

So if you have any ideas and tips to give me,feel free to do so.

Here are photos i took in last 3 months in chronological order


i already posted this image,i think iso was 1600,30s and f4.5

around 20-30 lights,10 darks and bias frames(if i remember well)

photo was taken from red zone balcony with bad polar allignment


next was andromeda,again iso 1600,30s,f4.5 

20 lights,8 darks and bias

image taken from backyard in yellow zone 

pollar allignment was better but i didn't have shutter release for longer exposures


i wasn't pleased with this shot,orion was low in the sky so conditions weren't the best

iso 1600,30s,f4.5

15 lights,7 darks and bias

backyard in orange zone

pollar allignment was pretty good but temperature was -13(in celsius) and my tracker just stopped tracking well so i didn't take any more shotsoroon_3_ABE.thumb.png.905c62903da3ebda34b75b8250db037f.pngoroon_35_ABE.thumb.png.8fa0900e89df0742e948e67a5f722c84.pngoroon_45_ABE.thumb.png.4bc78e5390447a42337103bc0203503e.pngoroon_45_ABE.thumb.png.4bc78e5390447a42337103bc0203503e.pngorion.thumb.png.bb60d873dd34662d3eab47c610c7ea84.png

these shots were taken yesterday from orange zone

iso 1600,1 minute exposures,f4.5

polar allignment was perfect,i could do 3 minutes without guiding with no trails(lens is pretty heavy) but longer exposures were totally yellow

30 lights,5 darks and 10 bias

orion was high in the sky,temperature was -4

and i am pretty happy how it turned out

gear isn't the best but it is lightweight and that means a lot to me because a lot of those images were taken 2 km away from my apartment and i have to go on foot

i started processing in dss and than in lightroom,but in last shots instead of lightroom i used pixinsight for more natural ones and photoshop for the saturated one.

camera isn't astro modified(eos 1300d)

lens is tair 300mm f4,5

that's it,sorry for the long post

ps i think i need darker skies and more total exposure time to kill the noise

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Looking like there's some good data in there, the best thing you could do is find a video tutorial for removing the stars and processing the object and stars separately and then sticking the stars back  on.


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