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Finally, everything fell into place for one night.

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We had a dry cold front push through two days ago. Dropped us into the 40's and have us with what pilots term CAVU!

I got out for an hour and a half last night and looked first at the moon. I could take it all the way to my 4mm eyepiece in my 8" dob. The features I could make out were amazing.

Turned to Orions's Nebula for a short while and it too was fantastic. Though it lacked the color I see in the photos members here post, the wispy cloud was great to behold.

Finally, I had to look again at Andromeda. The visibility was so much better that even though I struggled to see it well with my naked eyes due to my neighbors flood lights, once I had it in the scope I could see how enormous it is, where before I could hardly make out much more than the core unless I used averted vision.

Up early this morning I looked at Venus, still in its crescent state. Fighting lenses fogging, I looked at Jupiter and it's four large moons while hoping for a grand slam with Mercury. but alas, I've got trees that prevented that.

Still a good day off. Back to work Saturday, so it'll be back to bed at 7 tonight. 

Keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday night.

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And by the way, I tip my hat to all those who I've seen with frost covered equipment.

The 30's and 40's are bad enough for me here in Florida.

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Good to hear you got out under the stars.. its a great feeling after its been a while. We had one night, which I could not make use of (typical). Its been a long while here!

Best Rob

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I haven't touched my telescope in probably close to three months because I just haven't had the time and when I have had the time, it's cloudy. It's just been a miserable winter here except the last week or so. I keep saying I need to retire so I can get out my gear and stay up late whenever I want. Tonight though, the skies are supposed to be completely clear and the wind will be around 5mph. But it's going to be chilly ❄️ on the coast of Carolina! Looking forward to seeing Orion through my 12" dob again though. Glad you were able to get out yourself.

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Pleased to read you managed to get out and enjoy some observing. 
Orion will never show the colour seen in photographers when viewed at the eyepiece, the most I have ever seen and that rarely is a slight green haze. 
When next you view M42 up the magnification to about 100x and observe the trapezium, you will easily see four stars and possibly 5/6. I attach a visual for you courtesy of @John



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