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LRGBC filters for imaging


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I am looking at getting a set of the new Baader LRGBC filters from FLO http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=Baader_LRGBC_filter_set to complement my Baader narrowband filters.

Just one question though is "do i really need the uv/ir , clear glass filters ???"

As i will be using the filters in a filter wheel when would i need to use the uv/ir filter ????


Steve :D

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Isn't that your luminence filter Steve?

The issue for this set is finding a suitable par focal ir blocking LP filter, if you need one that is. You could use an IDAS or CLS in place of your luminence but they won't be par focal. Not the end of the world if you are happy to tweak the focus when you change from RGB to L. Do Baader make a suitable filter. Is the neomydium par focal?

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The set comes with a clear glass and a uv/ir filter and i already have a Astronomik Cls filter.

So i take it i would use the uv/ir OR the Cls for luminence thus causing the clear glass filter to be redundant. :scratch:

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Cool :help:

It looks like i have a fair learning curve this season then , what with a new CCD on the way and taking my first steps into colour imaging .....

Do you fancy a weekend down in sunny Kent ??? :D (the french red wine markets are only a hour away)

Thanks again Martin :thumbright:

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I asked Baader in Germany the same question. They said the new Baader Narrowband CCD Emission Line & H-Alpha Filters are parfocal with each other, as are the new Baader LRGBC CCD Filters. But, the narrowband filters are not necessarily parfocal with the LRGBC filters. However, there was a pause when I asked so I made a mental note to ask them again when next I spoke. I'll try again tomorrow.

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