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Moon filter vs 4 piece set

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I need to get a moon filter which I was planning on getting a while ago. Orion sells them for $18 but they also sell a 4 piece set (moon, light pollution, red and med-blue filters) for $92. Do light pollution filters work well (are they a must-have for city living) or should I just buy the moon filter? {{Money is not too much of an issue.}}

Heres the links for the filters:

moon filter - http://www.telescope.com/control/product/~category_id=filters/~pcategory=accessories/~product_id=A0026

4-piece set - http://www.telescope.com/control/product/~category_id=filters/~pcategory=accessories/~product_id=A5580


are color "planetary" filters worth buying?

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Neutral Density filters work a treat removing the glare from the moon. A must have filter on a large aperture scope. Variable Polarising filters are even better.

There's been some recent threads about light pollution filters, have a look through the equipment sections, they should still be near the top (ish).

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