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Im weighing my options for a future scope... I noticed on a "local" site the other day that the price of Televue Plossls and Meade Series 5000 Super Plossls were about the same. Just curious which one would be better suited to an f/5 ish Dob?

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I dont think there will be much in it. The Meade offers a slightly wider field of view than the Tele Vue (60 degrees V's the TV's 50 degrees) but I don't think the Meade will be sharp right across the field in an F/5 scope.

If you wear glasses when viewing the Meades will be more comfortable as they offer more eye relief than the Tele Vue Plossls.

Personally I'd probably go for Tele Vue Plossls but then I'm a confirmed TV eyepiece nut so biased I guess :D


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