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Widefield stacking advice sought, please.

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Just under two weeks and I'll be in Fuerteventura for seven nights, I'm really looking forward to taking my camera with me to try and shoot the Milky Way and some widefield scenes whilst there.

My equipment - Nikon D 7000, Tokina 11-16 AT-X Pro f2.8, stopped back to f3.5 to try and help with coma and a Manfrotto 755XB tripod that would support a small bungalow.

I'm lucky to know the Island quite well and have some targets in mind already, there is one piece of the jigsaw that doesn't quite fit and I'd really appreciate your help and comments on it.

My plan is to shoot multiple exposures focused on the sky/stars, stack them and then layer mask with some foreground exposures stacked too.

I have seen a way to do this in Nebulosity in the video below from Dylan O'Donnell, it looks like you can click on a star in Nebulosity and use that as an anchor point, but it has thrown a couple of questions into my head.

1) If I shoot four images at 28 seconds each at 11mm (using the 500 rule with crop-sensor adjustment of 1.5 applied 11x1.5 =16.5, 500/16.5= 30.30 rec) to allow some headroom, won't the sky have moved significantly enough to cause the software issues in  stacking the view accurately?

2) The moon will be waning and go down below the horizon at around 22:49 but will be a 33% waxing crescent, will this affect my chances of shooting the Milky Way?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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If there is foreground in the images then Sequator is good to use. Otherwise I use Deep sky stacker for sky only stacking. I don't have nebulosity. Both mentioned are free.

Both of these handle the stack, crop as needed the final image and process as desired in an editor.

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