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Stellarium 0.18.3 has been released today!

Full list of changes:
- Added names of potential interesting asteroids according to Wikipedia
- Added change saturation of Milky Way when eyepiece simulation is enabled
- Added precisions to saturation shader (GH: #261)
- Added Northern Andes skyculture (GH: #267)
- Added Western (Sky & Telescope) skyculture (GH: #562)
- Added tool for checking updates of planetarium
- Added the support of kinetic scrolling for lists and long texts for all operating systems (disabled by default)
- Added support angular size filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool (if applicable)
- Added satellite color & description handling (GH: #350, #380)
- Added new graph into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
- Added airmass info to infostring and infomap (GH: #157)
- Added workaround for a spherical mirror mode bug (GH: #252)
- Added angular separation filter for double stars in AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Added highlights support (see Bookmarks tool; GH: #272)
- Added Chinese translation for landscape description (GH: #493)
- Added tooltip for 'Prism/CCD distance (mm)' option
- Added a SphericalCap to close off Spherical Landscapes
- Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #503)
- Added tool for reaload the DSO background images (shortcut: Ctrl+I)
- Added tool for reloading the current sky culture (shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I)
- Added pack of DSO textures
- Added timezone loading for landscapes
- Added Nereid texture
- Added new method core.selectConstellationByName() to avoid possible wrong selection when few objects has same name (enforcement selection of constellation; GH: #490)
- Added alphabetical sorting the list of surveys (GH: #506)
- Added Chinese Contemporary Skyculture (GH: #508)
- Added 2 new tweakable buttons for asterisms
- Added 4 new tweakable buttons for GUI
- Added Interstellar Object type and elements of 1I/Oumuamua
- Added new nomenclature for Mercury
- Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #540)
- Added display of the antisolar point (GH: #536)
- Added a good default list of instruments into Oculars plugin (GH: #409)
- Added kinetic scrolling to switch on the fly (GH: #519)
- Added option to select font and size (GH: #424)
- Added workaround for grouped onscreen Information of selected object issue (GH: #523)
- Added a tour of the Solar System planets
- Added phase angle info for the artificial satellites
- Added new MIME type for Stellarium scripts (for UNIX/Linux systems)
- Added wrapper for Stellarium's website
- Added support XLSX files (GH: #555)
- Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
- Added option to sort results in AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #521, #560)
- Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
- Added support double clicks on the sky (selecting + centering objects)
- Added scripting function to allow targetting Galactic coordinates
- Fixed small issue with untranslatable items of drop-down list of HiPS surveys
- Fixed saving telescope settings on Mac OS X (GH: #254)
- Fixed the terms in columns in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Fixed switching of locale for dates on graphs in AstroCalc tool when language is changed
- Fixed bug when downloading extra stars catalogues (GH: #260)
- Fixed saving value of option "Scale image circle" in Oculars plugin (GH: #264)
- Fixed resetting results when clear button is pressed in Satellites plugin (GH: #265)
- Fixed annoying warning in Search Tool
- Fixed missing config option for rise, set and transit times in GUI
- Fixed possible crash in AstroCalc/PC tool
- Fixed adding unnamed stars into bookmarks
- Fixed fragment shader for planets
- Fixed uninitialized vars in HelpDialog (Coverity issue)
- Fixed documentation for for StelObject::getInfoMap()
- Fixed spheric mirror support on retina displays (GH: #390)
- Fixed link to the Stellarium User Guide
- Fixed link to Hawaiian Star Compass Landscape in Hawaiian Starlines (GH: #384)
- Fixed the performance for AstroCalc tool (GH: #379)
- Fixed lunar eclipse visualization (GH: #274) 
- Fixed bookmarking for the unnamed stars
- Fixed Chinese sky culture (GH: #489)
- Fixed a bug for Chinese skyulture. (GH: #504)
- Fixed storing the view direction/FoV separately from other settings (GH: #309)
- Fixed typo in stellarium.desktop (GH: #507)
- Fixed typo in property setting (Cardinal direction color)
- Fixed storing of mount mode (conflict in Oculars plugin; GH: #505)
- Fixed the orientation of M58 texture (GH: #514)
- Fixed PNG warnings
- Fixed bad airmass infostring (GH: #525).
- Fixed button state
- Fixed the text overlap issue in Observability plugin (GH: #517)
- Fixed the placement issue of the cross in Pointer Coordinates (GH: #516)
- Fixed border handling for a DeltaT formula
- Fixed build with --as-needed (GH: #545)
- Fixed updating Satellites at startup (GH: #542)
- Fixed separation value for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool for oppositions
- Fixed opening XLSX files in the modern Microsoft Office
- Fixed black screen shot in night mode (GH: #534)
- Fixed TeX style for scripts (GH: #570)
- Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (AstroCalc/AltVsTime, AstroCalc/ME and AstroCalc/Graphs tools has been merged into AstroCalc/Graphs)
- Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (visual style has been updated)
- Updated GUI behaviour: let's hide angular limits for AstroCalc/WUT when the limits are not applicable
- Updated GUI behaviour: split GUI font size from screen font size
- Updated GUI behaviour: move color buttons to the left of labels
- Updated visual style of diagram in Exoplanets plugin
- Updated code of Satellites plugin
- Updated names of DSO
- Updated textures of DSO
- Updated textures of moons
- Updated nomenclature
- Updated documents
- Updated Oculars plugin: immediate update of display when changing instrument details in GUI.
- Updated Oculars plugin: separate font scaling for the Oculars GUI panel.
- Updated Oculars plugin: storing of current instrument (telescope/ocular/CCD/lens) indices
- Updated RemoteControl plugin: change return types in JSON object info from string-only to native.
- Updated getInfoString code: separate getMagnitudeInfoString to avoid code repetition.
- Updated tooltips and labels for AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Updated default select priority for custom objects and markers (GH: #501)
- Updated behaviour: the select priority of custom objects and markers now configurable and scriptable
- Updated behaviour: improved timezone handling, allows scriptable setting (GH: #497)
- Updated default catalog of exoplanets
- Updated default catalog of pulsars
- Updated ArchaeoLines plugin (code refactoring)
- Updated color setting (code refactoring)
- Updated behaviour of lists in the AstroCalc/Graphs/Graphs tool (GH: #520)
- Updated tool for create the exoplanets catalog
- Updated script 'Constellations tour' and added small patch to avoid possible crash, when sky culture is changed (GH: #572)
- Obsolete code in core has been removed
- Removed outdated link (GH: #526)
- Removed doubled parenting code in GUI classes

Download new desktop edition you may here: https://stellarium.org

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It's a wonderful program. Thanks very much.

I had one issue (maybe it's been corrected in the update) If my laptop goes to sleep, Stellarium goes a bit crazy when it wakes up and I have to turn it of and reload. If this happens on full screen mode I have to force a shutdown on my computer.

Anyway, it's a small price to pay and it could well be caused by me and not the program. I just thought you might like to know.



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Is there an option for comets? i would like to track Wirtanen on Stellarium and, how do i turn off the info for objects on the top left corner, when i click on an object its complete characteristics come up but im not sure how to close that window.

Edited by Sunshine

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Open Configuration Window (F2)

Select "Plugins"

Scroll Down to and select "Solar System Editor"

Tick "Load at Startup" and then click "Configure"

Select the "Solar System" tab

Click on "Import Orbital Elements in MPC Format"

Select "Comets" (not Asteroids)

Pick one of the sources for Comets from the "Bookmark List"

Then click "Get orbital elements"

Comets will then be listed in the "Solar System" tab mentioned several lines above


Really straightforward no?  No not all!

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2 minutes ago, Sland said:

Really straightforward no?  No not all!

lol thank you! i'll sort that out.

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Thanks to everyone who works on Stellarium it is a fantastic open source project. I was excited for the 0.18.3 release.

I have 2 questions about configuration. I was wondering how I can set the default light pollution? Ideally to my landscape file (I really like that I can make one for each observing site), or if not just in the congif.ini file. I have set "light_pollution_luminance = 4.0" but it just ignores that and shows 2.

The second question is how do you set it so DSOs are shown by default? I can't see a setting for that in the old wiki. They seem to be off by default.

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22 minutes ago, JBracegirdle said:

Thanks to everyone who works on Stellarium it is a fantastic open source project. I was excited for the 0.18.3 release.

I have 2 questions about configuration. I was wondering how I can set the default light pollution? Ideally to my landscape file (I really like that I can make one for each observing site), or if not just in the congif.ini file. I have set "light_pollution_luminance = 4.0" but it just ignores that and shows 2.

The second question is how do you set it so DSOs are shown by default? I can't see a setting for that in the old wiki. They seem to be off by default.

Just change settings and press button "Save settings" (F2 -> Main Tab)

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6 minutes ago, alexwolf said:

Just change settings and press button "Save settings" (F2 -> Main Tab)

Wow that's that really helps, the user interface is so helpful and it is much better now I know how to keep the settings.

Thanks again for such a great software project.

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    • By Dinglem
      So I had a free day yesterday and decided to sort out my equipment and update my astro laptop software packages. I downloaded the latest Stellarium and managed to get it to sync with APT. I installed my Xmas present from my sweetheart (Optolong L-eNhance filter) how did she know it's what I wanted??? I recently installed the free trial version of Pixinsight on my main laptop so after watching a few YouTube videos decided to get some Dark and Bias frames to create some masters ready for my next session.
      The weather was good yesterday and it stayed clear here as the sun started to set, so I set everything up outside hoping the apps were wrong and it wouldn't get cloudy. As it got darker I launched Sharpcap and completed a polar allingment, I used Stellarium and APT to slew to Vega and checked the focus was good. I then used Goto++ in APT to slew to NGC 7380 (Wizard Nebula), I set PHD2 off guiding and then I had my first issue; my laptop would not connect to my Lyn Astro dew controller so I manually set the temperature to quite low as it wasn't too damp at that time. So I started capturing 5 minute subs went inside and remoted into my astro laptop from my main laptop to check how it was going, all appeared good.
      I recently set up a Rpi NAS at home so I'm able to transfer data to it and then to my other laptop on the go, so after I'd got a few subs I opened them in PI to check the quality, they looked ok to me. after about an hour PHD2 started binging a lost star warning so I went outside and the clouds were starting to cover the sky, I then took loads of flat frames using my main laptop, Notepad and 3 sheets of white paper and decided to take some more darks in case it cleared. I then set about trying to process the 9 subs I'd managed to capture with the 200 flat frames the master bias and dark frames I'd created earlier. Despite the lack of subs I'm quite pleased with the result, I have done a quick Histogram stretch, and the knowledge I have gained, I'm definately going to purchase PI when I can afford it.
      So this morning I thought I'd sort out the issue with the connection to the Lynx Astro dew controller, you won't believe it, my Astro Laptop will not turn on, it's been playing up for a while I suspect the battery has died. So just when I thought I was getting on top of this frustrating hobby I get another spanner in the works. So do I gamble and order a new battery then discover it is the laptop that has failed, do I set up another old laptop I have and hope it will be ok, do I set up my Rpi3 with Indigo or do I buy a mini PC as I know my way around windows?
      Anyway here's the calibrated stacked image as it is in PI with a quick stretch.

    • By Stargazer33
      Hi, having recently bought a mobile (cell) phone tripod adaptor, I thought I would have a go at setting up my custom landscape view in Stellarium.
      I have watched all the videos on YouTube and read all the threads on here and I think I've done everything correctly, but the custom landscape doesn't appear in the list.
      I have tried this on my laptop (running Vista SP2) and my (very old) PC (running XP SP2). Neither of these work!
      I have  included a screen shot of what I've done. I have obviously forgotten or missed something really basic, but for the life of me I can't see what.
      Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
      Thank you & a Ho, Ho, Ho! 

    • By alexwolf
      The second bugfix release for series 0.19.
      Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions!
      Full list of changes between versions 0.19.1 and 0.19.2:
      - Added support DMS and DD formats for parallactic angle feature
      - Added altitude limitation filter for AstroCalc/Graphs[AltVsTime/ME] tools
      - Added visual improvements for AstroCalc/Graphs tool
      - Added new time intervals for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
      - Added computation of ephemeris for all naked-eye visible planets into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
      - Added GUI for select the color of ephemeris markers into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
      - Added 2 new scripts (Saturnian and uranian analemmas)
      - Added 'k Pup' designation to star HIP 37229 (GH: #706)
      - Added information about progress of loading on splash screen (GH: #719)
      - Added a new skylore for Stellarium: Anutan
      - Added support catalog "Southern Stars embedded in nebulosity" (Van den Bergh and Herbst, 1975 - VdBH)
      - Added support "Catalogue and distances of optically visible H II regions" (Dickel+, 1969 - DWB)
      - Added distances for few LDN objects
      - Added support removing shortcuts through config.ini file (GH: #724)
      - Added extraInfoString to StelObject: Allows extra info injected by plugins or scripts.
      - Added display of Apex/Antapex points (GH: #737)
      - Added "observers" for all planets with moons (GH: #736)
      - Added IAU constellation abbreviation to object info
      - Added 3 new actions
      - Added settings for Script Console (GH: #741)
      - Added Vanuatu (Netwar) skyculture (GH: #762)
      - Added few asterisms (GH: #753, #768)
      - Added new one time step into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #758)
      - Added few new DSO textures (GH: #756, #780)
      - Added support Vec3d into scripting engine
      - Added a Messier Marathon script (GH: #771)
      - Added support for short weekday display modes in bottom toolbar
      - Added GUI option to toggle permanent orbit drawing
      - Added hyperbolic comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) [2I/Borisov] into default ssystem_minor.ini file
      - Added a scripting function for refraction (GH: #778)
      - Fixed coloring text issue when formatting output is on
      - Fixed saving properties for external software/remote computer in Telescope Control plugin (GH: #702)
      - Fixed behaviour of selected ephemeris marker when sorting not for date (AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool)
      - Fixed sorting date and time columns for AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Phenomena tools
      - Fixed crash on destruction of static QWidget (GH: #720)
      - Fixed small difference of values issue for different time zones for Date and Time column in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #717)
      - Fixed stupid conversion bug in hmsToRad function (GH: #716)
      - Fixed an asymmetry w.r.t. to the ecliptic latitudes (Moon age)
      - Fixed Search Tool/Lists behaviour for VdBH catalog
      - Fixed distances for few DSO (GH: #708)
      - Fixed Gregorian date issue for AstroCalc (GH: #711)
      - Fixed support GPS on macOS (GH: #712)
      - Fixed coefficient for the duration of mean tropical year
      - Fixed issue for images in description for landscapes: set search directory (GH: #735)
      - Fixed tooltip behaviour for Date and Time dialog
      - Fixed star name to its source spelling (GH: #729)
      - Fixed compiling with GPSD 3.19 [API 8.0] (GH: #733)
      - Fixed encoding script files in Script Console (GH: #742)
      - Fixed drawing names of asterisms
      - Fixed aFOV display in Oculars plugin
      - Fixed visual issue in Script Console (white background) with Qt 5.13
      - Fixed links for scripting docs (SUG)
      - Fixed screen flashing during solar eclipse (GH: #747)
      - Fixed core.resetOutput(); method behaviour (GH: #750)
      - Fixed AltGr behaviour for some languages on Windows
      - Fixed clipping issue for LabelMgr.labelObject (GH: #776)
      - Fixed weekday computation
      - Fixed rendering planets orbits (GH: #773)
      - Fixed error in shape of asterism Red-Necked Emu (GH: #769)
      - Fixed proper removing of default secondary shortcut (GH: #764)
      - Fixed cross-id error in DSO catalog
      - Updated appdata.xml file
      - Updated outdated code for names of days and months
      - Updated Observability plugin
      - Updated list of proper names of stars (IAU approved list)
      - Updated Moon age calculation: let's use geocentric coordinates only for compute of the Moon age
      - Updated AstroCalc/PC tool: simplification and colorification for graphs
      - Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: small speed-up
      - Updated the default color space: StelToneReproducer now use sRGB as target RGB color space (GH: #718)
      - Updated GUI for Satellites plugin
      - Updated common names for DSO
      - Updated common names for stars
      - Updated packaging for macOS: Let's use macdeployqt for creating a MacOS bundles
      - Updated nomenclature support: Let's use compressed nomenclature data to reduce an installation package
      - Updated translations
      - Updated planetary nomenclature
      - Updated Sardinian skyculture
      - Updated file handling in Script Console
      - Updated HDPI features: enabled scaling fonts on High DPI monitors (GH: #546)
      - Updated default shortcuts: changed default shortcut for copying selected object information (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+Shift+C) to allow use Ctrl+C shortcut for text edit fields for whole planetarium (GH: #748)
      - Updated getInfoMap method [scripting engine]: enhanced the getInfoMap method for the Sun (get eclipse data; GH: #747)
      - Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Russian translations for Windows installer (GH: #755, #779)
      - Updated Bookmarks tool
      - Updated default exoplanets and pulsars catalogs
      - Updated behaviour on Windows: disable HiDPI scaling in manifest (GH: #763)
      - Updated Oculars plugin: improve RA/Dec output for CCD frame
      - Code refactoring: type checking/casting clarifications
      - Removed FOV plugin (the feature was moved into core of planetarium)
      Homepage + links to downloading binary packages: https://stellarium.org
    • By dragorom7
      Hello, i am new to this forum, i made my account here because i need help.
      So few weeks ago i ordered a USB to Serial cable to be able to Control my Telescope with my computer using stellarium.
      It arrived today.
      So i made my Star Alignment, then i plugged the cable to my Telescope and Computer, i installed the Cable driver and ASCOM Platform + ASCOM Celestron Driver.
      I started DriverConnect.exe and put the Celestron Driver i downloaded, and did the properties informations ( had to tick on "Advanced Setup" and "Show All COM Ports" ) and i put "COM8" on "COM Port", then i pressed "OK" and then "Connect"
      Create              Creating device
      Connected           Connecting to device
      Error               System.Exception: Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected
         to System.Dynamic.ComRuntimeHelpers.CheckThrowException(Int32 hresult, ExcepInfo& excepInfo, UInt32 argErr, String message)
         to CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , ComObject , Boolean )
         to ASCOM.DriverConnect.ConnectForm.btnConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\ASCOM Build\Export\ASCOM.DriverConnect\ConnectForm.cs:line 268
      Dispose             Disposing of device
      ReleaseComObject    Releasing COM instance
      ReleaseComObject    Completed release. Count: 0
      GC Collect          Starting garbage collection
      GC Collect          Completed garbage collection
      "Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected"

      In Stellarium i set-up everything, the plug-in and restarted the app, then added my telescope  and i says it's "connected" but i can't find my telescope.
      Celestron NexStar 127SLT
      The Cable i bought:
      PC Specs:
      Windows 10 Pro, GTX 970, 8GB Ram(DDR4), i7 6700 3.4Ghz
      Looking forward for your help, thanks in advance,
    • By PlanetGazer
      So I'm referring to the main astro-softwares that you use during your sessions on your phone or tablet, and found that most of people use mainly those two softwares on their phones. Laptop versions of the software are different products and are not the focus of this topic.
      So which do you use and why?
      My experience:
      I personally have Stellarium plus, and the free version of SkySafarai, so I have an understanding of how the user-interface of both works, I have been researching the extra features in the SkySafari Pro, and have figured the following so far (please correct me if I'm wrong):
      * I'm aware that both let you control your GoTo telescopes
      * I personally find current version of Stellarium to be more user friendly and easier to navigate the sky manually , could be the configured settings though
      * SkySafari has more options to the search bar, e.g. "Tonight's Best" based on your location, also a menu of Messier catalog with a highlight of those currently visible at your time and location, others like best deep sky objects
      * SkySafari has this wonderful feature of creating an observing list, very helpful to plan your session and share and download with/from others
      * Stellarium Plus has a database of around 1.69 billion stars,while SkySafari 6 Pro has around 100 milion starts (don't think it's important as most of them aren't visible in amateur telescopes, I think I read somewhere that only 25 million stars are possible to observe with our telescopes, up to 15th mag, wonder if any of you have tried to push this limit)
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