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Hi Rob,

Thats a good first effort matey my first was well errrrrrrr quite awful :laugh:. You have a good image scale there i would suggest lowering the shutter speed a little that would help Rob..

Glad you like the Camera it's a cracking one that cp4500.

keep at it!

James :laugh:

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Yep I agree James and damn site better than my first images of saturn - mine were just big blobs...

I also agree that a shorter exposure would improve things no end.

When I first started out with film I used to refer to Michael Covingtons book on exposure times and then use that as a starting point - then take images at either side of the "recommended" exposure to ensure that I covered every eventuality.

That's a good start to build upon, Rob.


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Well done Rob! Was it hand held or have you got and adaptor for the camera. What scope were you using. Very very hard those afocal shots and I reckon you have made a great start.


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very nice start Rob, yes i think we all remember our first image, i cant comment to much on settings etc as i,m not familiar with you camera ,, butwhat i can see from the image , to improve , maybe is the focus , to concentrate on that a wee bit , but its all a long learning process , and you have started off well , keep at it , little improvements as you go on .

well done


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Great start mate.

That's an excellent 1st image there is some good detail in there.

I have adjusted the image in photplus. I hope you like them.

The second picture I have reduce the image size and this image shows the Cassini divison.





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