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An electron in two places at the same time?!?

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I see! Mmm...

Do yourself a favour and read "QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter" by Richard Feynman. If you don't understand it after that, you never will. :D

I've just ordered that on paperback and I have Six easy pieces on audio waiting to be listened to (after my other 4 :help: ).

quanta can be thought of as having both vector and waveform functions. ....


I've enjoyed that :lol: Thank you.

Shine a thin beam of light at a mask with two narrow vertical slits close together and instead of getting an image of two slits on the other side you get an interference pattern showing many vertical bands, the brightest at the centre. This is the experiment Young did in 1800 or thereabouts which shows light to be wave-like.



I see. Right! Wow!...I'll watch the video again and read a bit more :laugh:

Seriously, I think I'm beginning to make sense of this.

lucky you...

in another universe, I am posting on SGL...oh wait I am...

In another universe, I'm on a sunny beach being served fresh fruits by very nice people :D and not worrying about work :D In another one, I'm travelling on a train to nice destinations :D , guitar and binoculars next to me, book or crossstitch in hands again , not worrying about work :D

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I've just watched the video clip: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc

I then watched some of the others related to it from the 'What the bleep do we know?' film. Quite interesting and more so when delving deeper into where the film comes from! It was intersting to read the wiki entry for the film describing how some of it appears to be compolete psuedo-science. Worth investigating a bit more of anyone's interested in linking science to spirituality and health and well-being etc...

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What gets me about quantum theory and relativity is that we are made of electrons which can be in more than one place in certain circumstances and, being in the Earth's influence field, when standing up our heads are living faster than our feet!

It's a wonder we function at all. Don't you just love it. :hello1:

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