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Space Oddities

46P/Wirtanen, my first comet!

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The sky finally cleared up Saturday, after weeks of clouds... And luckily, right when 46P was the closest to Earth! So I had an opportunity to photograph my first comet :) 

I wasn't really sure what lens was the most convenient, so I settled on a 55-200mm zoom lens, attached to my Fujifilm X-T1. It gave me flexibility in the framing, to include both 46P and the Pleiades.

The weather in Munich was quite cold, around -5°C, and slightly windy. Good for the noise, less for myself!  ? 

The post processing was quite difficult... I had to deal with a lot of light pollution, and I'm still not very comfortable with it. Stacking was also complicated, I tried a few different settings in DSS, but non was 100% perfect. I ended up using a first stack for the comet, which I inserted into a 2nd stack of the stars and DSO. The result is okay, but I think it can be better. Alas, it's just processing skills & techniques which I am lacking.

So, I consider this a first version, and I'll have another go at it in the future, when I'm more comfortable with post-processing :) 

Exif: 40x30s, ISO 1600, 150mm @ f/5.6
Gear used: Fuji X-1, 55-200mm and iOptron SkyGuider Pro
Post-processing: DeekSkyStacker, Photoshop & Lightroom
Location: Munich city center (Bortle 6/7)




Here is a short timelapse I did with all my exposures (about 30 minutes). It's not part of the challenge, just an illustration of the main image :) 

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That's a pretty good capture and process well done, comets are challenging I find.

(One image per challenge thread)

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Thanks! Indeed, not easy to process at all, and I kind of felt like MacGyver during post-processing... I guess I'll come back to that picture some day, when I acquire better processing skills! :) 

For the record, the video wasn't meant to be part of the challenge, but more to illustrate the main image. I'll add that to my original post to avoid confusion. Thanks! :) 

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