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How do I adapt the foam insert in my Eyepiece Case?


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I have the Celestron eyepiece and filter set in the aluminium carry case.  I have acquired a couple of extra eyepieces and there appears room in the case to cut/drill or otherwise make two extra round  inserts in the foam interior.  I don’t want to ‘spoil’ or make a mess of the current layout of the eyepieces – I might want to sell it on one day.

Has anyone made extra round holes in the foam for eyepieces and it so how best does one tackle the job?

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You could mark the surface using self adhesive labels as a guide. Then using a sharp (very sharp) scalpel blade cut the shape.

Don't even think about a stanley knife or anything similar. Swann Morton scalpel blades are the way to do it.

A sharp blade cuts without leaving raggy edges allowing the foam to be refitted - if not lost of course!


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On 26/12/2018 at 04:21, mikeDnight said:

If you lay your eyepieces flat in the foam, you can use a hot knife to neatly cut out the right shape. Try not to breathe in the fumes, they are poisonous. And don't let the wife catch you! 

Probably best done outside if you don't have a vent hood.  I do my soldering outside for this reason.

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