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A crescent nebula and an often overlooked planetary...NGC1514


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Hello folks,

Here are a couple of images from the batch of data I'm working my way through.

The often imaged and beautiful Crescent nebula, which could have done with more subs (must get to the bottom of my guiding issues with the 80mm) and a planetary, NGC1514.

I happened to spot this on my planetarium software and had no idea what it looked like...I love the thrill when something you've never seen before appears!

This was at the end of my Blue snowball, M57 session and the sky was brightening but it looks interesting so I plan to add more subs to this.

I shot luminance data for it but TBH it didn't add anything so I didn't use it, going for 2x2 binned OIII instead as luminance.


14 inch LX200GPS @ F10, Atik 16HR. 5 minute subs all binned 2x2

12 X OIII Luminance

B x 11

G x 12

R x 1O

The Crescent....

WO ZS80FD, 16HR.

All subs are 6 minutes.

Ha x 14 of a run of 38 :)

OIII x 8 binned 2x2

Hb x 10 binned 2x2

all subs 6 mins.




(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

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Thanks y'all :D

NGC 1514 really is a fascinating object, I plan to have a serious go at this one, plus just check out some other PN's, they can be undiscovered jewels it seems.

TJ, I'm glad you like the Ha stuff I kept in, this region is really rich and after a while processing I realised that it was stuff that was there, not some artifact or gradient to be removed.

Love your M57 BTW :help:



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Hello David....it was supposed to be the end of a session...now I think back, it wasn't that early but I'd decided to get a relatively early night but when 1514 appeared I just kept going into the dawn....you all know how it is I'm sure!



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