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I know its not very impressive to take pictures with iphones… but some of these are kinda nice xD oh well here ya go!. 







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changing for better pictures
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Nice moon phone pics! are you using a phone adapter?

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3 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

Nice moon phone pics! are you using a phone adapter?

yes. One that has a Omni Rotating clamp onto the eyepiece.

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Nice Images, phone pics are awesome...Lunar live views with the phones they have now days are nothing short of spectacular, Phones are an easy way to tinker with AP with little commitment financial or otherwise, not to mention a good bit of fun too ?

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My first astro-image was with a compact camera held up to the eyepiece, so I have nothing but respect for people who use the "low tech" approach and get reasonable results. In fact, IIRC, there was a whole SGL imaging challenge for images with just phones a while back.

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    • By FranTeryda
      Hi! I'm Fran
      Not so long ago I took a picture of the ISS I never thought I was going to be able to get with the equipment I have. 
      After saving for a long time, I was able to buy my first scope, an OTA Skywatcher 200P. I adapted it to be used in a dobsonian base because it was the cheapest way I had to get it to work.
      One night, I thought it might be cool to try to aim and record with my phone an ISS pass overhead. During the first attempt, I messed up the focus extremely bad but you can't  imagine how happy I was to get a white blob in a frame that only I knew was the ISS. 
      The following afternoon I tried again. This time the flyby was almost exactly overhead and the night was crystal clear. So I manually tracked the station looking through the finder scope and recording it with my phone at 1080p 60fps. Without much expectations I downloaded the files into my computer to review them.  And was shocked with the results.
      The video was processed with PIPP, AutoStakkert and RegiStax. 

      If someone told me the image was taken with a phone and manually tracked with a shitty dobsonian base I would not believe him! I got really lucky that night, but I can not be happier with the results. I believe I got to the edge of what I can accomplish with the equipment that I was able to buy. I'm not sure if ext step up should be a real camera or a mount. Anyway, any of them are too expensive 😬
      If you want to see the frames before processing (and some nice shots of the moon that night), I'll leave a link to the video where I show them:
      Thank you so much for reading it all.
    • By Martin Chambers
      Hi, I'm an absolute beginner just starting out and hoping for some guidance.
      I live in NZ and luckily in a remote part of it that has been classified as a Dark Sky environment - no light pollution and very little sky pollution.
      I've been looking at ready built scopes and off the shelf primary and secondary mirrors. From the little I have read, I think I would like a 200 mm (8") Dobsonian scope.
      is it reasonable to expect that a handyman with some carpentry experience could buld one, or should I just bit the bullet and get a ready made one? I'm retired so time is not an enemy.
      Any advice welcomed,
    • By Lonestar2123
      A couple images I was able to take with my iPhone and my Dobsonian XT8. using the Camera +2 app Anyone know any other good phone apps? ? 

    • By bottletopburly
      Timelapse St. George’s Island Cornwall , ipnone5s timelapse approx 3hrs , 
    • By RJ901
      This one of M35 uses 6 different live photos, and three masks to fool around with exposure at different locations. The additional photo layers really helped to calm the blue noise.
      January 13, 2018
      Memphis, Tennessee, USA
      iPhone 8+
      Orion SteadyPixEZ
      10” Dob 
      Bluetooth shutter remote
      Photoshop Mix iOS app

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