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Skywatcher AZ-EQ5GT DEC wobble/play

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Hi All,

If I grab hold of the puck on my AZEQ5 I can make it rock back and forth by a degree or so (DEC axis), there appears to be no play in the RA axis. Does anyone else have this? Can it be adjusted out?



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I have the AZ-EQ6 & yes there was some slop, which I've managed to remove by adjusting worm tensions & ensuring that the puck's 3 allen keyed bolts are done up....

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Hi Neil

Not quite, I'm afraid. My AZEQ5 has significant slop in the RA axis instead. Which affects how well the mount can be used in Alt-Az mode. Went back to the supplier who discussed with SkyWatcher. We even sent a video, but SW said it was supposed to be like that and not a fault. If anyone knows a way to reduce movement on that axis as well, I'd certainly be very grateful. Perhaps I'll have to have a go at the worms one day, when I'm feeling brave.

The Dec axis is not so bad on mine and looseness in that one is a bit easier to overcome by slightly unbalancing the scope. But that doesn't work with the RA axis, which is vertical in Alt-Az mode, of course. I generally use it in EQ mode now, where I can unbalance things to help (probably not good for the long term health of the motors ...). But that spoils the point of the mount, somewhat.

It wasn't for the slop it would be a great mount, but as it is I can't honestly recommend it. Which is a shame.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I only use mine in EQ. I might pluck up the courage to have a look inside sometime to adjust the play, but in the meantime I'll use back-heavy balance on the tube so that it sits hard on one end of the slop. I've just had the mount back fro Darkframe where it had the Stellardrive mod done, I had hoped that they would take the slop out for me.

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Surely Darkframe should have sorted that out as part of their Stellardrive mod. I'd get in contact with them and ask them to fix it.


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Yup. Just done so. Also, strangely, since they upgraded the firmware on the handset it will slew to solar system objects but will not slew to stars, the handset says "slewing" but nnothing moves and nothing happens when any buttons are pressed. The only way out is to power-cycle the mount. Everything works via EQMOD/ Stellarium, and also works with the handset from my EQ3. As an ex-computer engineer I know that f/w upgrades can go wrong, so this is not Darkfame's fault, just bad luck.

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7 hours ago, Coastliner said:

As an ex-computer engineer I know that f/w upgrades can go wrong, so this is not Darkfame's fault, just bad luck.

It should have been tested after the upgrade though surely? I would certainly go back to the on the backlash issue.

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Hi Neil @Coastliner

Just wondering if youd had  a successful resolution? I'm thinking of getting either an AZ-EQ5 Pier mount tripod, or an EQM-35 ... main drivers being portability and ability to store things/carry equipment up and down stairs , but worried about the wobble if using, say, an EdgeHD 8.

Best wishes


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Hi Sanj, I ended up sending my AZ-EQ5GT mount to Darkframe for their Stellardrive upgrade, they fixed the DEC wobble as well, and the mount is a lot better overall. There are instructions on how to clear the DEC play on the net if you are ok with small mechanics. It just involves re-aligning the worm gear to remove the play.

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Thanks Neil, I ended up getting a great deal on the EQM-35. , figured it's a cheap entry point from which to upgrade, and quite portable. Trouble is it's still in its box as there have been no clear skies since purchase!

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    • By joecoyle
      I've set my scope up on it's pier in my ROR observatory, done a few drift aligns and started to take some images. 
      I've noticed a 'quite' regular dip in my DEC line on several nights. 
      Would anyone be able to have a quick scan of my log and offer any insight?
      Could it be backlash? Could it be something with each rotation of the gears? Faulty tooth? 
      It is quite regular, although not always, and always in the same direction.
      It doesn't seem to be adversely affecting imaging yet, but I've not tried anything too taxing.
    • By alexbb
      Recently I opened my AZ-EQ5 mount for adjusting and greasing.
      I did not find any complete tutorial for this nor worm or bearings dimensions. I plan to replace some of those if I have the chance.
      Meanwhile, I will add some pics of the disassembly process.
      Open the plastic top case. Please excuse the USB hub attached, I did not remove that.

        Pull out the cable connectors. Put the top case with the controller board aside.

        The bolt inside the green circle can help you remembering or adjusting the belt tension. Loosen down the RA motor screws. Remove the belt. Unscrew the bolts. Remove the motor.

        The bolts inside the green circles can help you remember and adjust the worm distance to the RA main gear. Remove the bolts holding the worm case.

        Parts: RA main gear, worm case.

        Remove the screws holding the encoder board. You get access to the nut holding the worm in place. Remove this too.

        Remove the bolts inside the driving gear attached to the worm. Sorry, not the best pic.

        You can now proceed to push out the worm and the bearings. No pics for this, sorry.
      The bearings are 688Z, 16mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter, 5mm width.
      Worm dimensions measured with the caliper: 69mm, 36mm.
      Hope someone finds this useful.
      I'd be interested if the worm is identical to the ones used in the HEQ5.
      Clear skies!
    • By ChrisEll
      Here's a quick guide to adjusting the tightness on the Dec and RA axes on the AVX mount. Freeing up the axes means better guiding, less wear on gears and motors (some gears in the drivetrain are plastic), lower worm PE and you will be able to balance more precisely.
      Dec axis: 
      Remove the counterweight bar and cup to reveal the tension ring. To adjust this first loosen the 2 grub screws at its side... there is a small access hole at the side of the housing. You'll need a tiny allen key to do this. Then use a slightly larger, stiffer allen key and insert this into the access hole and against the grub screw so that the tension ring is wedged tight against the allen key - this serves to hold the tension ring in place as you turn the axis, no need for a special tool! Now rotate the mount saddle anti-clockwise to loosen the tension ring until you feel some vertical play (grab hold of the saddle and move up and and down to test). Slowly tighten until there's no play. Tighten grub screws.
      RA axis: 
      Remove the plastic cup at the end of the axis. The RA tension ring has 3 grub screws and the access hole is hidden by the control panel cover (3 screws hold this in place). My RA axis was very tight and needed a few turns of the axis before I got any vertical play.
      For those wishing to improve their AVX further I recommend adjusting the worm housings in both axes.

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      Hi, I'm trying to figure out what is the difference between RA, DEC vs Azimuth, Altitude difference. I watched dozens of videos and read a lot of material and I think I got it all mixed now.:)
      From what I understand, if I want to find a star using let's say a telescope than I would need to know RA and DEC which I can get from an app or a chart. (Is there a professional way?) 
      But if I want to point at a star as an observer than I would use an Azimuth and Altitude?
    • By JimB
      I am considering getting a QHY Polemaster for my AZ-EQ5 mount. Has any one used this combination and did it work well? Also I have heard that the Polemaster can wash out if light pollution is present, how much of a problem is this? The light pollution is not bad but I have to look over the house to see Polaris and I wonder could overspillfrom it wash out the Polemaster. I would suppose this to in part depend on how wide the Polemasters' field of view is. Any observations and advice would be welcome.
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