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Taken a couple of nights ago using my ED72 and a DSLR1000D camera.

I took 18 frames at iso 800 and at a duration of 450 secs.

I took Darks and also Flats.

The image shows some vignetting,which i thought the flats woud have sorted,but apparently not.

Temp of the sensor stayed around 12-13 degrees.

Could,nt stretch too much as image degraded,would like to get a lot more subs.



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Very nice indeed Mick :icon_salut:.  (I personally wouldn't have spotted the vignetting though....)

I recently bought an ED72 myself for a "mobile" / SW adventurer setup, and am also getting a DSLR modded for milky way/night landscapes etc, but the more I see images like this the more I think it might be interesting to combine the OTA and the camera, put it on my AZ/EQ6 at home and see what comes out... :).  Do you use any kind of LP filter?

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Hi Andy.

Thanks for the comment,and i,m glad you like it.

The 72 is a nice scope is,nt it.I have fairly dark skies where i live,so i dont use a LP filter.

My camera is modded,but for these emission Nebulae a Ha filter would increase capture detail a lot.

Maybe one day,when my wallet recovers.


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The 72 is a nice scope is,nt it.I have fairly dark skies where i live,so i dont use a LP filter.

The ED72 certainly does indeed seem to be an excellent little scope, and I'm sure it'll be perfect for its originally intended use (visual / solar on the SW Adventurer) but I've only managed to get it on the mount once since I've had it (just to give it a basic test - The intra / extra focus airey disks looked very good :)).   Unfortunately my skies aren't that great at all (my SQM reading is c. 17.9 :() and when I had a modded 40D I definitely had to use an LP filter, but I'm still encouraged to give it a go... 

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