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Converting raws/tiff to jpeg

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From memory, there will be an option in the File menu to Export or Save for Web - something along those lines.

You have a maximum file size of 250K when upload to SGL, so you may need to keep the Quality level down a bit, or perhaps resize to 800x600.

If you upload to UKA, there is less of a restriction :)

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Other than the "Save for web" option, Photoshiop wont normally let you save an image as JPEG unless you convert it to 8-bit format

Quite true, in PhotoShop this can be done after ALL the processing has been completed by selecting :-



... and then tick the 8 Bits/Channel option. You can then save a JPEG at a compression of your choice - I find level 10 gives the best compromise between file size and the appearance of compression artefacts.

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