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New to Imaging

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As I am new to imaging I would like some advice.

I own an ZWO ASI120MMC and have struggled to get geed shots with it. Unfortunately my scope is not really up to it (Nexstar4 SE). Would I be better off getting a camera adaptor for my Fuji Finepix  S8000FD bridge camera, Stick to the ZWO or just pick up a cheap second hand DSLR. My idea was to take very short exposures 2-10 secs max 

I can't really afford to buy a decent motorised EQ mount, or an ED80, although I know this is the way forward.

Any ideas.

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I think you should stick with what you have to begin with.

Scope and camera combination that you have already is good for lunar and planetary imaging. Maybe give it a try?

If you aim to do short exposures, ASI120 can do it, but you should concentrate on very bright planetary nebulae (or small and bright DSOs in general - like globulars and very brightest galaxies). Take as many shots as you can and stack them. Second hand DSLR will improve field of view, but it will be the same processing workflow as with ASI120 - only more data to process, so you can just practice with ASI120 and if you feel that you would be happier with larger FOV - then look into second hand Canon DSLR.

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Huh, forgot to mention, since your scope has very large focal length, look into doing eyepiece projection perhaps? Again with ASI120.

Here is calculator for eyepiece projection that can help you:


you want to shorten your total focal length. ASI120 is small sensor and light camera - you should have no problems with eyepiece projection. Look into bringing camera close to eyepiece (small distance) - this should lower your focal ratio considerably.

For example, using 32mm plossl and placing sensor at 40mm will give you focal length of 330mm and F/3.3 system - much better for short exposures on alt az mount then using camera at prime focus.


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