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M1 - The Crab Nebula


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From Halloween night.

1hr 25 mins of Lum in 5 min subs. Bin 1x1

20 min each of RGB in 5 min subs. Bin 2x2

Processed in Maxim and Photoshop.

I've spent hours processing this - not sure if the colour is right or not?

Every image I look at of The Crab, seems to be different in colour!

Comments and advice welcome please - particularly on the processing, which is an area I'm really trying to improve on now.

Thanks for looking.



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Hi Barry,

You have treated the neb quite well enhancing the filaments and the colour is good. I know what you mean though as many versions exist. I can make out a gradient in the background from left to right - reddish in colour. Don't know if you can see that, but treating it would top off a very fine image


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Thanks for the comments everyone.

Anthony - you are right about that gradient...I've tried to get rid of it and have now uploaded the corrected version. Thanks for that. Concentrating so much on the fine points - overlooked a simple? thing like a gradient!!


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