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COMPLETED - WITHDRAWN - Revelation Plossls and APO Barlow

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I bought some Revelation 1.25" plossls a couple of years ago, but now find them surplus to requirements after picking up a few of their Tele Vue kin in the classifieds. In view of the cost of individual postage on what aren't expensive eyepieces to begin with I'd like to offer the following as a set.

Bought from Telescope House and supplied with caps and boxes are my Revelation 20mm, 25mm and 32mm plossls.

Bought second-hand without caps or boxes, but to be carefully packaged, I have an Antares 15mm plossl (NOT one of the high spec Antares five element ones) and a Revelation 12mm plossl.

Added to these is the Revelation 2.5x APO barlow, with caps but no box, which I believe provides something close to 2.2x magnification.


The Antares' rubber cup is a little loose, but it doesn't fall off, and does the job. All are in excellent optical condition and the rest are in similar physical condition. Please note that the Double Star Atlas is NOT included.

As for price, I'm asking for £80 (less than £14 per item) including postage to UK addresses, but PayPal fees would cost and extra £3.

Thank you for looking,





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