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Advice or help regarding Barlow lense.

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Hi all and i apologise for my ignoranceand total lack of knowledge.

I recently bought a Barlow lense to use on my skywatcher 200 dob,i was aligning my finder scope today as im on holiday in suffolk i thought i would slip the barlow lense in and have a look,i used a25mm lense and i could not get a chimney stack into focus it waz slight double vision and blury,could it be it was to close,or is it that thw Barlow is not comparible with my scope,hopefully i might get some clear skys tonight,thanks in advance everyone.

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Don't worry a Barlow will work fine in your scope.

How close was the chimney?

To accurately align your finder a distant object like an electricity pylon, TV mast or church spire is good. A couple of miles away is great.

For very close objects you may not be able to rack the focuser out far enough to get a clear image.

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Cheers lenscap,i reckon the chimney was a quarter to half a mile away was ok with eye pieces but whenninhad a look with the barlow on the 25mm and 10 mm it wouldnt focus ,just took the scope outside to cool down will go out in 30 mins and have a little play,many thanks for your help much appreciated.

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