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Best "Space walk" eyepiece for 200p?

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Hi all

We earlier this week i was thinking of selling my dob but have changed my mind as i know i will regret it.

Anyway i was looking for a nice eyepiece to buy around 400 or less. I would like like a nice low power eyepiece and wide field of view that ive heard some can give  you a space walk experience. Im not sure if this is true but i would like to test some out. This wouldnt be a finder eyepiece  but one that i would use for know specific tsrgets just generally browsing the sky.

As i said my max is 400 but would prefer to be less.

Thanks in advanced!

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Have no idea about space walk thing - but I've gathered it is associated with large fov? Then, how about this one:


(again, I have no clue of any of this, so can't say if eyepiece is any good :D - but quick search and few reviews - it looks like my guess was spot on - seems like great spacewalk eyepiece, hopefully someone will confirm this, or you can do a bit of searching yourself)


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I've got the ExSci82 24mm with mine and it's great.  Not tried the 30mm.

Well within budget and a great EP

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The "space walk" experience was originally associated with Tele Vue Nagler eyepieces which have an 82 degree apparent field of view. It was a promotional term really.

There are quite a few eyepieces around which are what I would call "Immersive" in that you see a wide and expansive area of sky through them rather than the effect of looking down a tube which narrower field eyepieces can have.

I find my Ethos 21mm pretty immersive but that is a very expensive choice (beyond the £400 limit even used). At a much more affordable level the Aero ED 40mm is pretty good. I rather like the "endless pool of stars" effect if I can get it :)

The Lunt 20mm 100 that vlaiv links to is a very nice alternative to the Ethos as well and another with that huge 100 degree apparent field.

Ideally you want something that will present a well corrected as well as wide, field. Distorted stars towards the outer field tend to spoil the immersive effect I find. Well corrected right across is not easy to accomplish cheaply if the scope is a fast one.

My guess is that everybody will have their favourite choice which may, or may not, prove to be great for you as well. Star parties and astro society observing sessions are a good way to try out the options.


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Hi. The eyepiece that I  have used and own , and find great bang for buck . Is the William optics UWAN 28mm. I understand the Skywatcher Nirvana 28mm is in essence the same eyepiece. These have great optics, good eyerelief with a fov around 82d. These do come up second hand and are well under your budget, IMO are great alternative to the higher price eyepieces. 

The best wide field views I have ever had ,do not involve a telescope. Some of the best "Space walking experience" is when I have been traveling back at night ,and pull over in a truly dark sight , and look up. Mark one eyeballs do really produce the goods in the right conditions ,when dark ink black sky's are available, clear of clouds, and you see a sprinkling of stars across the Sky's and the silver ribbon of the Milky Way is just such a Woow moment. . Mark one eyeballs can really produce such an amazing experience. 


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