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Observing Comet 46P

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Just had a gap in the clouds for long enough to get a PA with the polarscope - I'll be imaging at 135mm so not critical!

A 5-second exposure at a random bit of cloud showed one star, and stars starting to appear overhead in the gaps now.

A 'once in a lifetime' alignment is keeping me awake!


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Longer quick process video - mono  

Spotted 46/P for the first time last evening from 22.00 - 22.45 CET. NELM 5.0, slightly sub-average, but the comet, in meridian, was easily visible with 7x50 binos, east of Omicron and Xi Tauri as a l

Had a good session with 46P last night, despite freezing my extremities! It is definitely naked eye from Wiltshire, though a very faint fuzz blob that needs averted vision to spot and you have to know

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The transparency has improved here plus folks have gone to bed and turned their lights off. I reckon the comet is naked eye visible here now. Not striking at all and you need to know just where to look but I'm pretty certain that I'm picking it up with just my eyes when standing in the darkest spot I can find in the garden.


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The Sky Gods have been quite generous here in Wiltshire. I have managed to capture an hour’s worth of data with my DSLR & 200mm lens on the Star Adventurer. The seeing seems pretty poor, but I can see, so that is a huge bonus! I’ve just had a look through the 10x50 binos and 46P seems fainter, even more diffuse and without a bright nucleus. Don’t know if that is conditions here or change in the comet? Hopefully there will be an image to follow tomorrow.

Hasn’t 46P provided us all with some fun, despite not being the naked eye spectacle once predicted? An interesting visitor nevertheless!

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1 hour ago, John said:

Thats great Helen - I've shared your clip with my Bristol AS buddies - hope thats OK !


No problem John ? 


40 minutes ago, PhotoGav said:

Lovely time lapse , Helen. What period is that over?

Thanks Gav.  I've just looked at the subs - it is over the period of an hour (1:19-2:20)  They were 10s subs, binned, atik460 mono on woflt98.  Tracked on stars. 

I took some unbinned colour ones earlier in the night (much shorter run though!)  I need to process those before I can post though (mono much easier in that respect!!)


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