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Help with public display board please.

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I'm working on a new display board for my local astronomical society called 'Citizen Science' which will give a brief introduction about the areas of astronomy where amateurs can make a meaningful scientific contribution.  It is for display at outreach events and will be aimed at the general public, not seasoned astronomers.  I'm looking to produce a VERY brief introduction (4 short lines) to the following fields

  • Supernova patrols
  • Asteroid tracking and comet discovery
  • Variable stars
  • Double stars
  • Meteor detection 
  • Lunar and Jupiter Impacts
  • Data mining projects such as Seti@home and Galaxy Zoo

Are there any areas that you think I've missed out?

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A guy i know (who is an amateur), has discovered 4 (at last count) 4 previously undetected supernova. He uses a 14" Celestron scope from his light polluted back garden in north Dublin.

'Citizen Science', to me sounds a bit like Scientology.

How about something like: "Astronomy: For the people, by the people"?

Haha, sounds a bit like the definition of "Democracy".



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1 hour ago, LukeSkywatcher said:

'Citizen Science', to me sounds a bit like Scientology.

If you Google 'Citizen Science' you'll see that it is a modern phrase used to describe amateur participation in scientific research.

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