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Obsy building started ! (and now complete!)


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  • 4 months later...
18 hours ago, carastro said:

Wow the speed of the others videos, I had assumed your observatory was up and running.

Anyway, look forward to the next stage.


Hey Carole,

when i started last year with the concrete work and preparing the walls i had a small gap in my agenda, so i only had a few days then.

Next week is an Easter week-off in construction nationally, so i'm using this to work for myself.

I did quite some preparing for this week to maximize efficiency so i hope to amaze you once again ? 

will post time-lapse..

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progress of today, we have put the walls in place and started with the roof beams.


The black brick is Faomglass to eliminate a cold bridge (i know its a wood construction) but mainly i placed it to have a nice flat level surface to start on.


This is the telescope part with the sliding roof, its 3,7 meters x 2,5 meters inside measurements


This is the garden shed/warm control room, this part is 5,08 meters x 3,7 meters, the part were the 4 walls are placed together is the carport section, this is 6 meters x 3,7 meters.



This outside part under the roof is where i'll hang the bikes



Looking from the "control" room to the cold room, this wall has a door on the left big window where the desk will be, and under the desk a hatch to get to the crawl space because the floor in the cold room will be raised aprox 0,5  meter



I will make a time lapse at the end.

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7 hours ago, Swoop1 said:

That is one hell of a project you have going on there Miguel!

Why the RSJ along one side of the car port section?


i assume by RSJ you mean the wall ?

This wall is on the plot boundry, so i made it a closed wall.

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Progress of today :


Roof covering started (EPDM rubber Resitrix by IRS )

This is something that i have outsourced 



And i made the roll-off roof...




And placed it



The sides will be finished tomorrow



There is a 25mm gap, tomorrow brushes will be placed in front of that gap and a wood panel and then the roof cover


My design worked out well, the action on the roof is feathertouch !

While i was busy with the the roll off roof, my son and brother in law placed the vapor barrier





To be continued....


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7 hours ago, Gina said:

RSJ = Rolled Steel Joist.

ah OK

So to answer the question, that side of the carport is open so that the wall we're looking at from the house is less massive, so it's pure visual, also, it would be more like a garage instead of a carport.

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7 minutes ago, Wiu-Wiu said:

very nice work! How are you preventing your roll off roof from becoming a fly off roof? 


I will put some kind of clamping system on the inside, nothing concrete yet, i have to think about that but i don't expect to have a problem with that.

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3 hours ago, Miguel1983 said:

ah OK

So to answer the question, that side of the carport is open so that the wall we're looking at from the house is less massive, so it's pure visual, also, it would be more like a garage instead of a carport.

Thanks Gina,

Having seen you latest batch of images, it makes sense now Miguel- Structural steel to take the roof weight without intermediate supports.

Once your structure is clad, it could be 'Mini Me' of Kielder Observatory!

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Day 4:

Insulation placed in the walls by my wife and son


I placed the brushes to make the sliding roof closed to wind




This is the back side of the roll off roof, the wood panel acts as a stopper



Wood panels are placed all around now, the roll off roof is ready for roof covering (Saturday)

Note : the roof slides not as good as yesterday's video shows because of the brushes, still it's manageable with one hand.





I'm now starting with the cladding and the electrician comes tomorrow



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  • Bizibilder changed the title to Obsy building started ! (and now complete!)

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