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Idle fellow's imaging. Part II

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The weather was quite reasonable on Friday evening but as most of my gear is packed away at the moment I was restricted to using binoculars........... Which was fine but couldn't help wishing for a tripod. This reminded me of the little table top tripod tucked away in my desk. Not much use with binos for astro work unless you have a very tall table but it takes a camera so decided to take a few random images. Aiming is pure guess work of course but it can be fun seeing if you can identify what has been captured. :) Exposure has to be kept to about 6 sec. to keep trailing to a minimum but this can be increased in Photoshop when processing. Anyhow, this is the setup and one of the images,full frame but reduced to fit and an enlarged section of the 'fuzzie' seen near the bottom of the frame. I can't decide if it's a globular cluster or a galaxy. :scratch: CW

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