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Afternoon all,

I have set my sights on this OTA, as I think it is a good compromise between aperture and focal length. What I am struggling to find is some good reviews from people who have actually owned and used this scope themselves!

So - any of you peeps had this scope now / in the past? What are your thoughts, and are there any issues / problems I should know about?

It will be mounted on an EQ3-2 for the time being. I hope to have saved up enough by next summer to get a more substantial mount!

Thanks in advance


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Hello Nige,

Are you wanting to use it for visual or imaging?

I have one and it gives good views of planets for an affordable price. I would say it is too long focal length for the bigger DSOs

I have used it for AP on the EQ3-2 but with an EQ5 tripod:


I have also used it on  a HEQ5 which handles it easily:


And its good for planets with an x3 Barlow (all but Mercury on this image):



Planets are definitely it's strong suit, I generally prefer using my 130P-DS and 66 ED for DSOs.


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Hi Neil

It will be visual i will be using it for. AP will come along at some point, but I don't have the funds for that at the moment. I am interested in lunar and solar system, and understand that the DSO's may be a challenge! I do have a pair of 20x80 bins for widefield use, and have been thinking of getting a 120ST Frac as well.

Those are some awesome pics! Very impressive indeed.



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I have this scope, its great for lunar, planets and double stars. Mine only has a 1.25" focuser but still most of the open clusters fit into the view of a 24mm 68* eyepiece. 


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If it is for visual then I think you would be better off going for the Skyliner version so that you have the dob mount rather than the eq3-2. 

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47 minutes ago, Ricochet said:

If it is for visual then I think you would be better off going for the Skyliner version so that you have the dob mount rather than the eq3-2. 

Yes, it's the 150P which has a wider field of view too (there's also a version of the 150P on an EQ3-2 if you do want a GEQ mount).

Sorry, wrong about that 😞

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Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify I already have an EQ 3-2 mount. Not it a few years back. So am just going for the OTA now. 

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