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Finally Got Everything To "Talk" To Each Other

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Appart from being away from home , one of the reasons I have not produced many images recently is I have been struggling to get the various parts of my setup to work together.

After a lot a head scratching and testing various settings in Maxim and some help from Bern on the equipment side , I think I have got it sorted. The problem was getting the Atik 16HR , Atik electric filter wheel , SXV M7 CCD as the guide camera , Maxim DL and the EQ6 mount to all work together. Part of the problem was the settings in Maxim - having the same filter order ( filter 1= red , 2= green , 3=blue , 4= lumin ) everywhere in the system helped.

Last night it all worked. :thumbright: Now all I need is a clear night.


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