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Hi all,

I have been lucky enough to have been purchased an 8SE for my birthday. Shameful to admit but this was 2 years ago and my competence has not increased much. Partly because I don't get a lot of time to play!

Every now and then, I take the scope out in earnest for some star based escapism. The trouble is, my lack of scope skills means that I dont escape very far!

I have never got on with the hand control of the 8SE. I have watched a lot of videos and read the instructions and the three star align process fails me most times. I read a post on here about making sure that the two 'index' stickers are aligned when attaching the OTA, which I have done. 

I have done what I can to make sure that the settings are all correct, including time, location etc. 

To overcome these frustrations, I purchased the WiFi attachment to be used with the SkyPortal app. 

This configuration has been a lot more successful! I manage to align the scope using three stars each and every time - progress at last! I have slewed to the ring nebula, hit Andromeda without any problems. I'm finally getting to enjoy the cosmos! 

However, all is not perfect. I slew to Andromeda, have a 5 minute gander at it and then use the 'best tonight' database to slew to something else. This is where it goes wrong. The scope slews to the earth. The on-screen scope location cross also shows it to be pointing at the earth, yet I told the scope to go to Vega. It tried to slew 360 and I had to stop it before the eyepiece smashed into the aux cable. Why would the scope do this? Handset software out of date? Scope set up incorrectly? 

If this sounds like a classic dumb dumb error, please let me know. I'm starting to think my scope is faulty and my lack of experience means I have no way of telling.

Thanks to any helpful tips in advance.


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    • By stthomse
      Hi all.
      I have just bought a Celestron 18771-CGL power tank to allow me to get out to the dark skies of the South Downs with my Nexstar 8SE. This is a great bit of kit because it's so light and portable and powers the scope for hours no problem. However, I've also been thinking about getting a dew heater and the only downside of the power tank is it's lack of a second 12v output. I was looking on the First Light Optics website and they sell a DC splitter cable to allow two devices to be powered from a single output. I'm not an electrician obviously, but logical tells me if the dew heater controller is also a 12v device there should be no problem running both the scope and the heater at the same time other than draining the battery faster. Is anyone using a splitter cable in this way? Or can anyone confirm my logic is flawed?
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      I had decent conditions last night and took a few images with my 8SE and 224MC camera. Stacked in AS2, used Photoshop for some enhancement. I added some labels too. Thanks for looking.

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      I have been doing visual observing since I got my 8SE about a year ago, but I've been intrigued by the possibility of seeing a bit more (at least on my laptop screen). I got a 224MC and captured some images of Europa transiting Jupiter last night. The seeing was just average and I was on my back patio in light polluted suburban skies. This hardly matches the amazing images I've seen here on SGL, but I had some fun creating them.

      I followed the terrific image processing tutorials here:
      I used Firecapture to capture both Jupiter and the globular cluster (M3), stacked in AutoStakkert, then enhanced a little in Registax. I did not use a barlow for Jupiter or my 0.5x reducer for M3.  In my eyepiece with the light pollution and neighbor's porch lights, I could barely make out the smudge of M3 to center it in my EP. I was surprised it was so clear in the 224MC.


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      M97 The Owl Nebula in Ursa Major 24.03.2017
      Celestron 8SE and Atik 314L monochrome CCD camera
      20 x 300 seconds stacked in DSS and processed in PhotoShop CS2
    • By Vicky050373
      M97 The Owl Nebula in Ursa Major 24.03.2017 Celestron 8SE and Atik 314L monochrome CCD camera 20 x 300 seconds stacked in DSS and processed in PhotoShop CS2
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