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It does what it says on the tin.


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Hopefully, but i have every faith.

I just received my box from FLO and inside i found this.



It was a simple 5 minute job to fix it to my HEQ5.

Now just a short wait for tomorrow nights clear skies.

No more sore back and hips, no more strained neck, no more squinting up a polarscope trying to find a star that's obscured by light pollution.

I'm one happy chappy ?.


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Just now, Alan White said:

Let's hope so,
now that you have raised your expectation bar high.
Quite rightly so of course.

I did a bit of homework and it got great reviews from some of the guys on here, so i'm quietly confident Alan ?.

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1 minute ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

Well done, and that explains the current downpours then....

But its a great bit of kit that really does what it says, but take your time & do it twice....


Thanks Julian, i will indeed, something i learn't a long time ago, you can't rush when it comes to astrophotography.

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I bought mine in a fit of pique after having messed up my polar alignment for the umpteenth time because the spirit level in my AZEQ6 was playing up. I expected a lot of buyer's regret but am happy to report being very satisfied. It is undoubtedly a massive wedge to fork out for a posh webcam and some software but it does a brilliant job. The value is all in knowing you can trust the polar alignment and the improved guiding. There are cheaper ways of doing it with platesolving programs and finders but the overall package is hard to beat.


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