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COMPLETED - Price Reduced - Moravian G2-8300 - with 10 position 36mm unmounted wheel - £1699 delivered

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** Price dropped to £1699 **

 We recently acquired a used Tak 106 which came with a QSI 683 and flters.  As such our previous widefield rig has to go (hence all the recent adverts)!  

Our Moravian G2-8300 camera was bought new from Zoltan at 365 Astronomy in June 2016.  We had it supplied with the 48mm thread, so that it would screw directly onto our WO Star 71 (also for sale).  Alternative adapters are, of course, available.  The camera is in excellent condition.  It has lived in an observatory which is heated and dehumidified when no imaging is taking place (most of the time in the UK).   We have made one 'modification' - well not really a modification.   The Moravians (at least the ones we had) are supplied with ghastly, soft-metal, cross-headed screws to hold the filter wheel cover in place.  After moving the filters around a couple of times between our two cameras, we noticed that the crossheads were getting a bit worn.  So rather than waiting until they 'turned over' and became un-extractable, we ordered some stainless steel hex-head replacements.  They are much better, see photos below.

The camera comes in its standard aluminium (we think) case.  It is complete with all cables, power supply, and manuals.  If anyone is interested we could run off a couple of new darks and/or biases for them to take a peek at.  There are no dead columns (at least there weren't the last time we checked).    We got a DC extension lead for the power cable - this is in the case and will be included.  All the little screws and washers for the filter wheel carousel are present and correct.  

The camera does not have an OAG, but Moravian do make these, and they are easy enough to fit (we did this on our other Moravian) - there's just a little spacer to remove (from memory).  

Our camera is the 10 filter-wheel model (with the 36mm unmounted carousel).  In some threads, there seems to be a little confusion about the differences between the internal and external wheeled Moravians.  As can be seen in a couple of the photos, there is a short (ethernet-style) cable running between camera and wheel.  So the entire unit needs only one power cable and one USB cable (both supplied) to be fully operational.  

Please note that although the carousel shows some filters in place (it was taken whilst the filters were being removed), the filters are being listed separately.  The camera will not come with any filters (unless of course you buy these too).

We will deliver the camera for £1699 - bank transfer preferred.  We can accept PayPal, but PayPal fees would have to be considered.

I'll be putting this up on UK ABS tomorrow (I didn't realise they had a 5 a day limit on their listings)  

The most recent image taken with this camera was a month or so ago - Veil Nebula Mosaic  (a 'full resolution' option is available from via link).  Other images can be found in that same gallery.  This camera was used in a dual rig, and data from it was often amalgamated with data from other cameras.  Again, if people want to see a couple of subs shot purely with this camera, we can supply these.

Photos of the camera:





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Good luck with the sale Mrs Gnomus.  I have one of these and it is superb.

Would you mind me asking where you got the screws from please since I also share that concern of fouling the end of the retention screws (which are actually bolts)?  PM me if you do not want to go off-topic on your for sale thread. 

Many thanks.

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