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NGC 7094


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A bright planetary nebula in the constellation Pegasus

20 hours 30 minutes total capture

R 19x300s
G 20x300s
B 20x300s
L 21x900s
Ha 11x1800s
OIII 10x1800s

Image captured remotely at Alcalali, Spain
APM TMB 152 F8 LZOS, 10 Micron GM2000HPS, QSI6120ws8

Finalise 2.jpg

Finalise 2 crop.jpg

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1 hour ago, gorann said:

Great image! Looks like you collected quite a bit of IFN. Would it be worth trying some deconvolution to sharpen the nebula and stars?

Thanks Goran.  Yes there's IFN everywhere around this.  Here's a slightly sharpened version.  I think it's about as far as I would be comfortable pushing it as I try to avoid images having a processed look.  This maybe even too far!



V2 crop.jpg

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18 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

Really interesting one.

You've something going on in one or two stars which have red outer parts but blue middles! I sometimes see this when using Noel's 'Increase Star Colour.'


Well spotted Olly.  I'll take a look at them. Thanks

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