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SOLD Morpheus 6.5 Caps and original box £130.00

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SOLD - Morpheus 6.5 - 76° eyepiece. 1¼" and 2" barrel

Purchased about a month ago, a really great eyepiece - so still in mint condition.  Includes the accessories in the photos.

Asking £130.00 posted RM signed for (UK mainland). PP gift or add PP fees   + Full courier cost (delivery & insurance) elsewhere


Reason for sale: Prefer longer focal lengths giving wider fov's

Mopheus 65-1.jpg

Mopheus 65-2.jpg

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Updated postal details

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I have updated the postal details on this sale

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Also for sale on UK ABS

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SOLD - Thanks

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    • By Katie1990
      I have a skywatcher 200p dob and was hoping someone would be able to recommend an eyepiece with a wide field of view that would help finding objects and observing larger objects like the Pleiades. I have had a look at an explore scientific 30mm with 82° FOV, but was unsure if it would be good with my scope.
    • By Shooting star
      Hello. True beginner given an Orion Skyquest XT8 (1200mm focal length; f5.9). I have had to collimate (all sorts of fun that was) as the scope had been moved quite a bit over time. Believe I have it very near perfect but will star test. 
      Scope came with an Orion 25mm Plossl eyepiece so I am exploring what range of additional eyepieces I would like. From what I’ve read this scope is capable of a theoretical 400x magnification. Again in theory that would take me to 3mm as limit of eyepiece.
      But then I read about exit pupil limitations and scratching my newbie head. The majority of what I see suggests .7mm exit pupil minimum...? But it appears I would need to buy a much larger eyepiece focal length to avoid too small exit pupil. 
      I wear eye glasses so would be buying longer eye relief pieces in case that is relevant.
      Advice truly welcome.
    • By MrsGnomus
      A full set of Celestron Luminos Eyepieces complete with end caps.  These 82 degree eyepieces are 2” and 1.25” depending on focal length.  We have since bought some 100 degree eyepieces so these are not getting used any more.
      Be aware that the 31mm is a BIG eyepiece at just under 3lbs in weight – it was great in the big Dob.  I have the original boxes for all eyepieces except the 7mm and 10mm.  All prices include delivery.  If anyone wants to buy all 6 along with the Maplin ‘Peli-style’ case shown in the photo please message me.  
      Prices as follows:
      31mm - £135
      23mm - £115
      19mm - £95
      **SOLD 15mm - £65 **
      10mm - £65
      **SOLD 7mm - £65 **
      I’m happy to send other pictures of individual eyepieces if folks want.
      These are also up for sale on UK ABS

    • By meanster99
      Hi All,
      Thanks for seeing me! Just joined the lounge and looking for some advice. 
      I am a few-weeks-old newbie, recently bought a Skywatcher Heritage 130P f/5 Dob (bought for my 8 year old but having too much fun with it myself!) and looking to upgrade the eyepieces that came with it (the generic Super 10mm and Super 25mm). I also bought a Celestron 2x Barlow and Celestron Omni 4mm Plossl within a few days of buying the scope.
      I live in Sydney, Australia, in an area with quite bad light pollution and little visible sky (about 45 deg in the East/South East) - trees and houses block most of the sky from my balcony. However, I've been fortunate enough to have Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, and the moon visible from my balcony late at night/early morning for the last few weeks and have made the most of it! So much so, that I'm wanting to improve things as best I can with eyepieces, while also planning for the future when I have a bigger scope and better view (and even just taking my 130P out into the middle of nowhere on occasion).
      I wear glasses and have astigmatism but tend to take my glasses off whenever I look through an eyepiece. Short eye relief doesn't seem to bother me, yet. Using the 10mm with my Barlow, or just the 4mm (or even just the 10mm) I can see the bands and GRS on Jupiter, I can almost make out the Cassini division on Saturn and the moon is obviously full of detail (Mars has no surface features visible - desperately waiting for the opposition in July!). I've probably been blessed with good seeing over a few nights of the last few weeks.
      Anyway, I have about $500 AUD (Australian Dollars) that I could potentially spend on upgrading my eyepieces and wanted some advice (I know I could put this money towards a better scope, but I just want to get the most from my 130P right now, while keeping an eye on the future). From the limited research I've been able to do, I had come to the conclusion I should buy a high-end eyepiece for planetary viewing (maybe a 7mm Televue DeLite), a blue 80A filter and maybe even replace my current Celestron 2x Barlow with a TV 2x Barlow or maybe even one of their Powermates (or their 3x Barlow).
      I can't seem to find many second-hand resources here in Oz, so am looking to buy new, unless something better is presented to me.
      Given all the info above (happy to provide further details if required), what would you recommend?
    • By LuminousCRO
      Hi stargazers! 
      I don't have a DSLR, but I have expensive mirrorless camera so I need wide lens on top of the eyepiece. I need at least 65 degree fov. I did research but I still didn't find anything good.
      Thank you in advance!

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