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Need help on Skywatcher AZ-GTI and EQ Wedge mount setup.

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After being initially excited at getting my first mount. I found that the instructions that came with it aren't much help. I'm trying to use the mount with my canon camera and 70-200 lens. 

I know I have to align the mount to the celestial pole but do you do this before turning the mount on?

How does the mount know if you are using the camera on the left or right side?

Sorry for what are simple questions but I feel once I get these sorted I can start enjoying my new hobby instead of being frustrated at the first step.

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43 minutes ago, blapidarious said:

I know I have to align the mount to the celestial pole but do you do this before turning the mount on?

Skywatcher mount encoders work on movement, and not position. The Synscan software sets its position registers to zero at power-up, and then counts pulses from the mount's axis encoders, to work out where the mount is pointing as the mount moves. With an Az/Alt mount, zero equates to horizontal facing North; and, as I understand it, in EQ mode with the wedge facing the NCP, RA & Dec at zero. The best way, is to align the OTA on the NCP (with RA & Dec at zero), using the mount's motors, then cycle the power, and, set the correct time and date.

47 minutes ago, blapidarious said:

How does the mount know if you are using the camera on the left or right side?

It probably does not matter, providing that sidereal tracking moves the mount in an easterly direction. At power-up, the software is not "concerned" where the dovetail clamp is facing, as long as the optics are facing North.


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