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Which Book ?

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Hi all

Due to my lack of goto I need to start knowing what I am looking at more thoroughly. I can navigate reasonably well i.e. polaris , ursa major and minor , orion, pleiades etc but it is not enough.

Is Turn left at Orion still the book to buy or can anyone recommend anything else before I hit the payment processed button ?

Just quickly on another note , fell asleep in front of the box the other night and woke up about midnight with the house pitch black and everyone asleep.

So, without turning any lights on , checked outside and it was crystal clear.

Got my 12" dob out of the garage and set it up outside in about 3 minutes. It was already cooled down because my garage feels colder than the outside temperature in the Winter. So in about 5 minutes after waking up I was outside viewing with perfectly dark adapted eyes and already had a couple of hours sleep.

Might try it again tonight, where's that alarm clock ?

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"A guide to asronomical wonders " has a lot lot more and very helpful layout (ie finderscope views down to mag 9(?) and 1 deg eyepiece views). Basically, you will get through turn left in one year. "A guide..." will keep you going much longer.

ps a good star atlas helps too - Tirion & Sinnott seem to be the one everyone goes for.


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