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COMPLETED - Meade 4000 super plossls/Baader 31mm Aspheric/Solar +coloured Filters - job lot

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Super Plossls,  40mm,32mm, 2x 26mm,20mm, 12mm and Meade x2 Telenegative Shorty Barlow with Bolt Cases - £70 +£5 first class signed for post. (£73. 02/£78.02 with Paypal Fees and Postage). SOLD. 

Astrozap Baader AZ 1002 Full Aperture 136mm - 146mm Metal Housed Solar (Boxed) + Orion 5mm outer cel ID 60mm, aperture 45mm ( Suit Finder) solar filter - £25 free post.

Filters various colour and to include :- Yellow - Celestron #08,12 and 5 (Metal housing), Blue - Orion #38A( Metal) Celestron (Metal) #80A and 82A, Green - Celestron #58, Metal unbranded #11, Orange - Celestron #21 (Metal) - Red - unbranded (metal)#25A, Violet - Celestron #47(Metal), Plastic Moon filter, Baader Neodymium, Orion (Metal) Variable polariser 1 - 40% 2 filters screwed together),  Baader UHC - S, Lumicon Oiii - all housed in a case with foam inserts - £65 +£5 First class signed for (£67.60/£72.60 with Paypal fees and Postage ).NOW SOLD TO ADE THANKS

Baader 31mm Aspheric full 2" and 1.25" fitting complete with end caps and box - It fell off the top of the EP Case and onto the floor  (about a 4" drop) with a minor ding with no damage to the optics, but my brother has repaired it Filled and Painted - Being totally honest here!! (see Photo) - Hence £40 +£5 first class signed for post) (£41.60/£46.60 with Paypal feed and postage.NOW SOLD TO JON THANKS

Payment via Paypal Please, I've included the fees ( just in case you don't TRUST me !!!)  and to cover yourself, but friends and family would be fine  if your ok with this, postage is first class requiring a signature.  Thanks Paul.





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Some items now Sold.
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