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GSO 10-inch Dob arrived

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Well I did warn in another thread about the weather....

So UPS arrived early this mornig and dropped off (carefully) two boxes - images of contents.

First thing to do was hard wax all exposed board edges to prevent water ingress through condensation etc.

Base assembly was easy enough just had to watch which way up the ground board went and which side to secure the side panel with holes for the eyepiece tray.

2-inch 30mm 70° eyepiece looks good, the 1.25 inch 16mm I need to look more closely at.

So boxes arrived in sunshine and by the time I had things assembled - cloudy. But dry...

Sorry folks ?



GSO_10-inch f5_Boxes.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_Box1.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_Box2.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_box3.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_Bits.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_OTA-2.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_ota.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_inside tube.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_Base pkt.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_rocker panels.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_screws.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_wax.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_1.jpg

GSO_10-inch f5_2.jpg

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30 minutes ago, iPeace said:

What exactly did you use?

Looks great. :thumbright:

I used Liberon 'Black Bison' wax. You can get it as a wax or a liquid. I already had it in wax form and I just rubbed it well into the timber fibres with a piece of cotton rag.

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23 minutes ago, cloudsweeper said:

Great - hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy my 10" Dob!  You might find it will benefit from a home-made sturdy platform to give it a bit more height.



Hi Doug,

I'll be making an EQ platorm for it so that will raise it  a bit. May need to do as you have an maker a little table too.

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Tidy looking telescope. You must be excited. Looking forward to viewing The Orion Nebula I bet. Would you let us know how you get on with observing. It would be interesting. 

All the best. 

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Good scope, I have the 8" and have had the 12" version both have had excellent mirrors in them and really good motion...A good leveling is all that's needed with these, best of luck ?

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OK this is in no way intended to be an in depth appraisal of the GSO 10-inch f5 Dobsonian, that will come in time as I spend a bit more time at the eyepiece(s). My one gripe though tonight was the ease with which the azimuth axis rotated on it’s roller bearing base. That will be easily sorted over the weekend with a strip of draft excluder. The friction knobs on the altitude axis were superb with tensions easily adjusted (without moving the pivot points) whether I had a lightweight Meade 3000 series 1.25” eyepiece or the 2” 30mm supplied with the scope.

Well the scope arrived yesterday so as it was clear tonight I stood the scope and eyepieces outside to conform to ambient temperature while the sky darkened. Vega high overhead was it’s first starlight and well before the sky darkened to see anything else. It blazed away and the diffraction spikes from the spider vanes snapped into focus from both directions – so a good start. It was then a case of leaving things until later and the sky darkened sufficiently for me to look at other things.

Mars was another target, although low down I tried pushing the power up to no avail the disc’s phase showed easily but I couldn’t honestly say I saw any surface detail, a little mottling perhaps but that’s all.

Next Albireo showed the colour differences of the pair taking magnification well from x42 with the 30mm to x385 with the 6.5mm barlowed. The hunt was on then for a few planetary’s and fuzzies kicking off with M57 (Ring Neb) – found easily and showed best with a 24mm barlowed (x104) with slight averted vision. M27 (Dumbbell Neb) – found after a bit of a search and it’s hour-glass shape very visible. M31,32 and 110 all visible in the 30mm fov. Spent time back-n-forth between the above objects before dropping down to M101 low in the north. Faint fuzzy patch but it was there. Moved over to M81/82 group and found them. Again spent time flitting between things just enjoying physically ‘eyeballing’ objects.

Blown away by the double cluster. It had just emerged over our neighbour’s roof so I just swung the scope round and couldn’t believe the sight in the low power fov (x42). I viewed M45 low down but was not impressed as it was hazy (& polluted to the NE).

I wanted to find the Veil neb and spent a fair bit of time searching around Cygnus’s wing area before finding the Veil (the two main parts anyway) a Baader UHC-S filter helped darken the sky and lift the Veil well. I tried an OIII but although it helped I found it darkened the fov too much.

Found patches of cloud beginning to encroach so spent a little time moving between objects.

My first light impressions are really good optically. The scope kept collimation even though it was picked up and moved around the patio/garden to view different parts of the sky. I thoroughly enjoyed the lower powers with the 30 and 24mm eyepieces. It took higher powers through the steadier sky overhead, either as shorter fl eyepieces or longer ones with a barlow.

Great to get back to basics after ages imaging, never going near an eyepiece. Biggest impression tonight – double cluster followed by the veil…


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Yes these rocker boxes are slippery in the azimuth and I would not suggest tightening the azimuth tensioner to much to solve this as it will make the motion jerky and too much tension can warp the chipboard. For me a good leveling does enough but a strip of excluder should do an awesome job to remedy this, nice report by the way...These are excellent scopes for their price point.

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