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Which solar filter / solar photography setup?

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to try solar imaging someday, but I'm still not sure which filter to use. From what I've seen, there are solid filters made of glass, and some that look more like a sheet of aluminium paper... I believe the former is more durable and the latter cheaper, but I'd love hearing your recommendations!

Additionally, I'm not sure which setup makes more sense for solar photography. On the scope side, I have a 102mm Maksutov, and a 400mm Canon lens. On the camera side, I have a ZWO ASI224-MC and a standard APS-C camera. 

Thanks for your help and counsel, it's always appreciated! :) 


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Hi Pierre.

Apart from the cost, it all boils to colour too. The glass ones do give a nice orange/yellow disc and from what I have seen from the solar safety film in the past, it gives a very pale blue to white disc. Both types do require you i.e. the end user, to ensure that the filter does not have any pin-pricks, holes, tears etc., before each and every use. If you see anything, no matter how small it is... DO NOT USE IT.

I have now joined the 'solar wedge club' and that gives me a green disc, depending on whether I use the solar continuum filter or not. Without the solar continum filter it is a white disc. The only downside to using a solar wedge is that you do need a refractor telescope.

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I would choose Baader AstroSolar film over the glass filters. The glass filters are not very high optical quality, whilst the film is, I think, rated to 1/10th wave. Much cheaper and better quality. Should work fine for your Canon lens.

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