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Is DSO's possible with SPC900nc


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Hi all,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to take pictures of Andromeda (M31) and maybe pleides with my current set up of a Skywatcher Supatrak 127 and philips SPC900NC webcam. I have had good success with Saturn and now want to push a bit further.

I know the answer would be "get out there and try", but I would like some advice first, maybe even links to examples of pictures done this way if possible?

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Is the camera long exposure modded.

If not then no.

If yes then you could but the problem you will face is that the field of view with the webcam is very narrow, which is why they are good for planets as they give high magnification.

You may therefore struggle to get all of a DSO into the frame.

As a simple start you could try the Ring Nebula (M57) as high power is usually better on this anyway.

The camera gives about the same mag as a 6mm eyepiece so look to see if the DSO fits in such an eyepiece to save yourself some time.

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If it is not lx modded then you will not gather enough light to see the DSO.

Ah. Well there you are you see, you are forgetting about "Lucky Imaging". which uses even faster framerates (rediculously fast) to get DSO and other images... but in reality and with a webcam, you're correct :)

Yes, I know, but I am in a pedantic mood!

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