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Ace Rimmer

Celestron WiFi Module and SkyPortal

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Hello all

Has anyone got any experience with the Celestron WiFi Module and SkyPortal, I've been trying for a couple of years on and off to get alignment to work with my Nexstar 130 SLT, I'll try for a few evenings and eventually give up for a couple of months then try again.  Tried again tonight, I connect to my my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ) or my Pixel C Tablet, open SkyPortal select Connect & Align, follow the instructions and it says alignment failed usually on the second star alignment.  Manual alignment with the hand controller works fine but if I use the hand controller to align, the SkyPortal app sends the scope all over the place.


Is there any knack to getting this working, as I'm fed up with having the scope sitting in a corner gathering dust cos I can't get it working.



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You are not alone.

My Cosmos 90 WiFi has the built-in module, and I have experienced similar problems running SkyPortal on my Samsung 8" tablet. I am still experimenting - there has got to be a way to get the software and hardware aligned, and then the pair aligned with the heavens.

I bought the Cosmos system, second hand, to give me a WiFi mount, similar to my Skywatcher Skymax 127 and Celestron Skyprodigy 70. As well as the alignment problem, I found that the tablet/mount combination would disconnect; with the tablet re-connecting to my home hub and the mount, if slewing, continuing to slew out of control - I added a power "kill" switch to the mount.

The other problem was, (when the system was "working"), that if I was looking through the eyepiece, it was difficult to locate & operate the "virtual" up/down/left/right buttons on the tablet's touch screen.

Unfortunately, if the conditions are right to continue my experiments (good observing conditions), I prefer to use one of my other mounts, and enjoy observing; rather than spend a frustrating half hour, usually ending with a strong desire to use a 4-pound lump hammer to suggest to the software that my OTA is actually pointing to that alignment star.


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Have new Skywatcher SynScan Wi-Fi adaptor, issues with that as well

Go to do a 2 star alignment, pick first star from list, and last command to save is up and right

Not been able to save

Then second star, application picks short list of stars thinks it wants, not what you want to use, and star want to use not in list

Very little support info from Skywatcher as well

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I have two Celestron scopes and both work fine with the SkyPortal external WiFi module. However, it has not always been so.

The principle cause of any alignment problems is user failure when inputting settings. That is true of HC or tablet/phone control. Your tablet/phone must be set to current time and current location, correct daylight saving time  etc.  If you have been playing about with the SkyPortal (application)  offline then it is easy to have retained incorrect data. Another common problem is selecting an incorrect scope type. Eliminate all such potential causes first. 

It has been a while since I used this route as I use Starsense (with WiFi).  However, I am fairly confident that during a regular alignment whilst the SkyPortal APP does suggest a second star from a list you can choose another.  Ensure you have the latest firmware updates and the latest APP as there were some early issues. I also recall some issue in the southern hemisphere that was fixed by an update. 

However, early SkyPortal external WiFi accessories and WiFi telescopes (pre-2016) output the 'SkyQLink' signal and are notoriously unreliable. Later models have the Zentri Ppty chip that emits the 'Celestron x.x' signal that is four x stronger. If an older model then sadly, lag and drop outs are inevitable as the early modules have a pathetic ribbon aerial. If still in warranty demand a replacement.  

It is unwise to buy these second hand without diligence. I have an Evolution mount with flaky internal WiFi that is out of warranty. The only way I resolved that was to buy a new SkyPortal external WiFi accessory with the new chip.

Sorry, I don't have experience with the Skywatcher WiFi kit.


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