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Walking on the Moon

Quick and rubbish, half-asked pic of the Merope nebula (IC 349)


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I had the imaging set-up operating anyway, so I decided to run an image for a while during my observing session on Sunday. I stopped it after 42 minutes.

I don't know what happened with the tracking, but it was going back and forth like nobody's business. Probably more power problems. :) I was using mains through one of those adapters that do everything - it's probably not up to the job.

Anyway, it's a stack of about 30 one minute subs (12 were severely badly tracked) with the Atik 2-HS in the 8" newt. Diffraction spikes are still odd - maybe this mirror's pinched too :scratch: The genuine spikes from the spider are the long ones are inclined at about 45°, bottom left to top right. Falsely coloured in PS.

So everything went wrong, and I'm not proud of this at all, but I'll post it anyway.


(click to enlarge... actually, don't bother - this is full size :) )


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I had similar problems on Sunday when it came to tracking on my EQ5Pro Andrew, 1st time its been like that for a few months, i just put it down to the cooler weather on Sunday, my mount does occasionally have a mind of its own if its too cold or too damp.......

Just keep trying, it would be a nice image if you can get the tracking issues sorted out


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