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Walking on the Moon

Another Flame HHN - Widefield


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I have looked on the web through a couple of APOD images and others and there is a trace of it there its probably just processed out...Beauty instead of "Science" perhaps....

I like to have a few goes at an image push it too far and then pull it back.... Thats only 5-10 mins work just using a standard "sequence" that I apply initially to most images as it gives me a bit of a feel of how to tackle it later...

Right back to the painting before i fall asleep ZZZZzzzzzzz.....

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Thats come out really well Billy , not sure about the nebulosity there , never seen it before , could it be in the processing maybe , but you really have done well with the images .

Having looked at even more images especially the widefield ones of Barnards loop I am happy that that the dark "tendrils" below the flame , the "humps" bellow the HHN and the color in the foreground should be there...

Its just they tend to be processed out in the "Classic" shot...

Will give this region a few more hours one night and hopefully bring out more detail.. Some of the Widefield Barnards loop images are absolutely stunning...


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