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Storing gear outside??

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Hello everyone!

Been away far too long...

...long story short: had flat, too much of a ball-ache to get gear downstairs into car-park and run everything off stupidly heavy leisure battery. Now moved, house with garden, patio and sky overhead, not much, but sky overhead!

So would like to get all set back up, but...

...no room in house. Both 'scope and mount will have to live outside. So my question:

Wooden shed or plastic? 

Don't want to risk anything going mouldy! Or distorted if summer heatwaves return!

8" Altair Newt' with HEQ-5 Pro mount.

What advice can you offer? Much thankings in advance :)


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I have one of those Keter plastic sheds, and have never seen any condensation within, due no doubt down to the louvred ventilation  panels.

I think as long as the containment is dry, with sufficient air flow and secure, then outside storage should be straight forward.
Nothing has ever rusted in my workshop either, this is a wooden shed, no visual ventilation ports?

Although both my units appear to be suitable, my scope has its own cupboard indoors, and the scope is ready to lift outside when needed.

Next time you move, give some thought and make sure there's some priority space for your kit ?

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Charic, thank you for the reply! 

I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN!!!  Too many bloody forms!

So that bit out of the way, I think a wooden protective box for the 'scope, which I can make, then put that inside of of those plastic lockable storage units on the patio.

I do have a wooden shed but there a various points which daylight is shining through holes where someone before me has nailed the waterproofing felt on the roof!! Thus, the mower and old tins of paint will be residing in there!

I am more worried about distortion through high temperature in the summer but I'm guessing I may be over-thinking it now!

Much appreciated.


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Would not store under plastic sheeting, as will build up condensation and mould

Would put mount up on wooden pallets as well, get them as free bee from transport depot

Provide scope and mount, has ventilation, and waterproof environment be find


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I think a wooden shed would be best but board up any windows to stop it acting like a greenhouse. My site is very damp with clay soil (good for apples but not so good for telescopes). You should have little trouble inside wooden sheds provided you keep a watch out for any surface rust on the tube and on the knobs and screws on the mount and tripod.A periodic light spray with WB 40 is a good preventative measure, keeping it away from the optics of course.

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